project acronym: SMILE

project fullname: Network for Social and Market Inclusion through Language Education

lifetime: 2014-2016

sector: ICT in Education

programme: Life Long Learning Programme

email[email protected]

about: The Network for Social and Market Inclusion through Language Education (SMILE) aims to gather partner organisations from the educational, labour and social sectors and explore in them opportunities for accommodation of LWUTLs for increasing competences and skills in order to boost competitiveness, enhance employability and reinforce social inclusion on European level.

LWUTL – Less Widely Used and Taught Languages

acrosslimits role:

  • WP1 – Project Management and Coordination
  • WP2 – Research and Analysis
  • WP3 – Workshops and Recommendations
  • WP4 – National Events
  • WP5 – National and European Dissemination
  • WP6 – Exploitation of Results
  • WP7 – Exploitation of Results

Although not WP leaders, we are involved in all workpackages.



project acronym: STAR

project fullname: Skills Training and Re-Skilling for Carers of People in Dementia

lifetime: 2010-2013

sector: ICT in Education, Education and Training

programme: Life Long Learning Programme


email[email protected]

about: STAR has created a European portal with a community of dementia experts, that supports innovative national online communities for carers. This way, STAR provides a greater cohesion and access to dementia care training material across Europe, improving European mobility of dementia care workers.

STAR addresses persons that are willing to improve their skills in caring for persons with dementia, but are lacking access to such training today:

  • carers with no formal skills employed by families to care for people with dementia in their homes.
  • families themselves that need easily accessible training in dementia care
  • dementia care staff in need of more training programmes, in some countries
  • non-care staff and volunteers in home care and in residential homes that lack specific training
  • new and temporary staff that cannot get training when they start caring for people with dementia
  • immigrant workers in dementia care that have difficulty in finding information and training about dementia care in their primary language

acrosslimits role: We are the workpackage leaders for the technical e-learning platform and have implemented the materials as courses and modules online. We have also assisted in the successful launch conference in October 2013 at the Alzheimer’s Europe conference in Malta



project acronym: STENCIL

project fullname: Science Teaching European Network for Creativity and Innovation in Learning

lifetime: 2011-2013

sector: Science Education, Education and Training

programme: Life Long Learning Programme

email[email protected]

about: The STENCIL Network includes 21 members from 9 European countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey.

The STENCIL Network’s main objectives are to:

  • identify and promote innovative practices in science teaching, by publishing every year an Annual Report on the State of Innovation in Science Education;
  • bring together science education practitioners to share different experiences and learn from each other by organising periodical study visits and workshops, in a peer to peer approach;
  • disseminate materials and outcomes coming from previous EU funded projects, but also from isolated science education initiatives, through the STENCIL web portal and national communities, as well as through a wide range of dissemination actions, such as international conferences and national dissemination events
  • provide educational authorities and policy makers with a set of Guidelines and a Manifesto for innovating science education in their countries, especially focused on the establishment of contacts between Research Institutes, Schools and Industries.

acrosslimits role: We have disseminated the project amongst Maltese schools, promoted the awards locally and organised a study visit for the whole network here in Malta.



project acronym: MICHELANGELO

project fullname: New technology to help children with Autism

lifetime: 2012-2015

sector: eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living

programme: 7th Framework Programme for Research

email[email protected]

about: MICHELANGELO intends to bring the assessment and the therapy of the autism out of the clinical environment and develop a patient-centric home- based intervention requiring a minimal human involvement and therefore extremely cost effective.

The project exploits ICT and other technologies in assessing and treating the Austistic Spectrum Disorder in children in a more “natural” home environment where non-obtrusive techniques will be used.

At the same time the proposed method aims at enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment through its “intensiveness” and “personalization” matching the individual characteristics of the autistic children.

MICHELANGELO project is expected to have impacts from the medical, social and economic perspectives. The results of its research work will be validated through an exploratory study with autistic children in France and in Italy.

acrosslimits role: We are the workpackage leader for the horizontal actions of dissemination, exploitation and ethics. We also have a strong role in the creation of the plan for integration and testing of the solution.


Tell Me How

project acronym: Tell Me How

project fullname: European Language Portfolio for the Blind and Visually Impaired

lifetime: 2008 – 2009

programme: Lingua Programme

email[email protected]

about: The Tell Me How! project promoted and disseminated the European Language Portfolio for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ELPBVI).The ELPBVI was an electronic model of the European Language Portfolio created for the blind and visually impaired language learners by a consortium of European partners 2008 – 2009. The project encouraged blind and visually impaired people to use the ELPBVI which helped them achieve better results in learning languages.

ECER 🗓 🗺

ECER 🗓 🗺

Date: 16th April – 20th April 2018
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Qawra, Malta

The European Conference on Educational Robotics (ECER) is an international scientific conference for students. Researchers present their findings in engaging talks, show their robots live, and partake as judges in exciting robot competitions, including the official European Regional Botball Competition and the PRIA Open. Participating teams give scientific talks about their robots, projects and experiences in English.

Angele Giuliano

Angele Giuliano

[email protected]

Angele is the entrepreneur behind AcrossLimits. She was barely out of University when she decided she could make a difference to the IT industry. After a few challenging years she fell in love with European projects and the great world out there, and set about changing her company from a small Malta-based firm, to an innovative research SME.

Angele is normally seen in high heels and with a smile on her face. Her tongue-in-cheek humour and positive attitude has helped the company move forward even when things got tough with the crisis and all. Her background in innovation (read ‘crazy ideas’) has given birth to many of our projects.

Angele speaks fluent Maltese, English and Italian and can be contacted most easily via email or Whatsapp.

Jacqueline Bugeja

Jacqueline Bugeja

General Manager
[email protected]

Jacqueline is the motor behind all day-to-day operations at AcrossLimits. She deals with all number crunching aspects of projects and clients and everyone, (including Angele!), understands that her word is law when it comes to money.
Her path to working in finance has been an extremely winding one! She originally studied sciences as she wanted to become a doctor of medicine, but she shelved this dream after a while. She then worked with large local organisations like AirMalta and MIM before making AcrossLimits her home.

Her hobbies are mainly reading fantasy books, and crafts – anything from crochet to egg-decorating. She has a number of pets that include tropical fish, water turtles and fresh-water shrimps.

Maryrose Francica

Maryrose Francica

EU Project Manager
[email protected]

Maryrose is in charge of European Projects within AcrossLimits. She’s almost part of the fabric as she’s been with the company for over 12 years now – and she’s our most frequent flyer – with eventful and funny incidents wherever she goes.

Maryrose has entrepreneurship at heart and a love for educational or social projects. Her work allows her to make a difference to both areas, and even though she is sometimes faced with academics and mad scientists, her practical approach has always garnered respect and people stop to listen. She has a wide network of contacts throughout Europe and beyond, and networking is as part of her as is breathing.

Her idea of relaxation is reading a good book, or enjoying great food surrounded by friends or family. Maryrose is fiercely patriotic towards Malta, although from all the countries she’s visited, Ireland has always had a special place in her heart!

Juanita Muscat

Juanita Muscat

EU Project Manager
[email protected]

Juanita is the newest addition to the AcrossLimits Project Management Team. Graduated from the
University of Malta in Electrical Engineering in 2000, she has built up experience in various areas of
Engineering and Management. Juanita is very looking forward to support the team on EU projects.
She is eager to learn new things, participate in a variety of projects and see them running

Juanita has at heart children education and wellbeing, animal rights, the environment and
innovation. She is called the “Cat woman” by her family and friends as she has 4 cats at home and is
often seen feeding strays around the area where she lives. She loves working with children and
teenagers. She is mostly seen with a big smile on her face (unless she gets up on the wrong side of
the bed that is) and loves networking, socializing and organizing fun events for children and adults

Juanita has a passion for life, family, good food and knowledge. Her hobbies are cooking and
traveling. She is always experimenting in the kitchen to create healthy delicacies for family and
friends. So much so, that a couple of years ago, she started her own “Home made healthy way”
catering business. This was a short entrepreneurship adventure for her, which although quite
successful, could not be sustained long term due to family needs.