project acronym: ARiS

project fullname: ARIS - Key Competences for Re-integration to the Labour Market

lifetime: 2014-2016

sector: ICT in Education

programme: ERASMUS +


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

about: The ARIS project acknowledges that long-term unemployment is at record levels across the European Union and the task of finding new employment is extremely difficult as ‘old jobs’ now require ‘new’ skills. This project is about promoting and developing the concept of an ‘encore career’ where long-term unemployed persons in their prime working age -35 to 50 years old – can access re-training opportunities to add new skills that are appropriate to the knowledge intensive economy and help re-launch their careers at a higher skilled, more sustainable level.

The Five Key areas that will enable long-term unemployed to reintegrate back into the workforce include the following, Learning to learn, Digital competence, Social and civic competence, Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, Cultural awareness and expression

The coordinators are LMETH from Ireland and other partners hail from Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Romania. The duration of the project is of 24 months.

acrosslimits role: The main role of Acrosslimits in the ARiS project is to develop the project's website, the required e-learning facility and incorporate an on-line collaboration and project management system into the web design. Acrosslimits will deliver induction training to adult education stuff and towards the end of the project, Acrosslimits will organise a dissemination seminar for 50 people and create one case study.