project acronym: ER4STEM

project fullname: Educational Robotics for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

lifetime: 2015-2018

sector: Language Learning, Mobile Application, ICT in Education, Education and Training

programme: Horizon 2020


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

about: The ER4STEM project aims to stimulate children’s curiosity as from a very young age to attract them to science and technology using robotics as a tool. Robotics workshops will be run for students aged 7 to 18 with the goal of engaging them into this fascinating world where so many applications exist which can open up several career opportunities. The project intends to catch students’ attention in an attempt to increase interest in STEM subject uptake among students in their choice of subjects during school years. This project brings together 6 partners within Europe.

Through this project, an educational robotics repository will be built which will purposely be set-up for teachers so that they will have access to a variety of approaches and insights as to how to present this subject to their students in a more meaningful and engaging way in the fields of science and technology.

ER4STEM will also harmonise existing approaches in the field of robotics within Europe and beyond and offer a common concept to stakeholders in the fields of science and technology including but not limited to students, teachers, educators and science policymakers.

acrosslimits role: We have a role in all the Workpackages and we will be involved in identifying best practices within the field of educational technologies for robotics, running workshops, organising a local conference on robotics in 2018, evaluating results obtained through the workshops and conference and disseminating results. Moreover, as a technical partner we will be building the educational robotics repository and informing educators about it.