project acronym: 100 Mirrors Inc

project fullname: 100 Mirrors Inclusive Tools for the motivation of enterprising disabled women

lifetime: 2016-2019

sector: Education and Training

programme: ERASMUS + KA2


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

about: The aim of this project is to promote inclusive entrepreneurship for women with disabilities by developing a methodology based on coaching, mentoring and job shadowing of women with physical disabilities willing to become entrepreneurs. Coaching and mentoring will be done by successful disabled women entrepreneurs supported by trainers. The project will also develop a Needs and state of the art analysis, a number of videos and a E-book with testimonies of successful entrepreneurs affected by disability, a Guide and E-training on how to coach people with disabilities for inclusive entrepreneurship, a Manual and E-training addressed to women with disabilities.

This project promotes the transversal skill 'entrepreneurship' by an innovative method based on job shadowing and coaching of lay people aspirant entrepreneurs by disabled entrepreneurs. The project develops a blended formal/not formal work based VET training path. OERs aimed at developing entrepreneurship are used for the training.

acrosslimits role: We will design the dissemination and exploitation plans and monitor their implementation. We are also in charge of the development and maintenance of the website. Acrosslimits will also host the mobility training of the prospective women entrepreneurs in Malta.