Bart Verswijvel


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Bart Verswijvel likes to compare himself to a duck. With both duck feet on the Belgian ground he has enjoyed being a teacher of Dutch in a secondary school for about 30 years. Ducks make the best of it day by day and that’s what Bart did by educating young ducks around the pool. But ducks also fly. They meet other ducks in the cloud, they have duckscussions and return back to the pool, inspired. With his students Bart took part in several European projects encouraging them to fly. He himself flew to many international networks, courses and conferences both on-site and in the cloud.

In 2009 Bart flew to Malta and after a Kinnie he attended a summer course at AcrossLimits. Since then he has kept in touch with the Ħamrun birds.

Bart holds a Master Degree in Germanic Philology and a Post Graduate in eLearning and Digital Didactics. At this moment Bart works in Brussels for eTwinning and for other European Schoolnet projects like the Future Classroom Lab. Bart Verswijvel is especially interested in CPD for teachers, in professional networks and in the integrated and creative use of ICT in project work. He is a speaker at international conferences and a leader of workshops. In 2010 he was awarded the Queen Paola Prize for Education.

In his spare time Bart tries to be a sportive human being. A while ago he discovered that running with two feet on the ground can lead you to runner’s high.

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