Maryrose Francica


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phone: 00356 2122 4900

skype: twinkle-f


bio: Maryrose is in charge of European Projects within AcrossLimits. She's almost part of the fabric as she's been with the company for over 9 years now - and she's our most frequent flyer - with eventful and funny incidents wherever she goes.

Maryrose has entrepreneurship at heart and a love for educational or social projects. Her work allows her to make a difference to both areas, and even though she is sometimes faced with academics and mad scientists, her practical approach has always garnered respect and people stop to listen. She has a wide network of contacts throughout Europe and beyond, and networking is as part of her as is breathing.

Her idea of relaxation is reading a good book, or enjoying great food surrounded by friends or family. Maryrose is fiercely patriotic towards Malta, although from all the countries she's visited, Ireland has always had a special place in her heart!

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