Acrosslimits                                                                           Issue 1: November 2008 
Dear Friends,

We cannot keep a secret. That's the main reason why we decided to start our own newsletter. We, at AcrossLimits, want to share with you where our dynamism is leading us and reveal to you our achievements.
This is done not to boast about our successes (well, maybe to be truly honest yes) but also to keep you - our clients, project partners, friends and casual readers - informed about what is going on and maybe discover new potential ways of working together along the way.
This issue is covering our latest accomplishments together with our consortium partners in the field of eHealth and eFinance. Cogknow and Fluid-Win are two FP6 projects that we have successfully participated in and we feel proud about our direct contribution to the results. Well that's enough for this issue. I invite you to continue reading the stories and visit our newly revamped website ( for our latest news updates.
See you next month!

On 31st October 2008 the FP6 co-financed project Fluid-Win came to an end. The consortium that worked together on this eFinance project are now busy looking for commercial exploitation.

In this regard AcrossLimits has been involved in a series of dissemination activities to present the product that targets business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing networks and their interactions with the logistics and financial service providers.

Amongst these activities one must mention the workshop that was held last month at the Corinthia Palace in Attard. This event got extensive media coverage due to its innovative idea and how Fluid-WIN is  reaching out to today’s market needs.

Furthermore, AcrossLimits has embarked on a side project on behalf of Fluid-WIN. A promotional video is being produced highlighting the various advantages of the platform. Stay tuned on our youtube channel to see the progress of this video.

Video link:

Project Website:

Cogknow is a challenging three-year STREP project, which commenced in September 2006. This research project addresses the needs of those with dementia, particularly those who still live in their own homes. The result of the project is the Cogknow Day Navigator which is a combination of a stationary and mobile device that helps people to remember, maintain social contact, perform daily life activities and thus enhance their feelings of safety. AcrossLimits has been entrusted with the task of programming the server that connects the carers with the people using Cogknow. This is a very important role since the server is the core configuration of the system.
Project Website:

Training Malta
AcrossLimits for the past 5 years has been participating in the Grundtvig/Comenius programmes by offering in-service courses. Participants for these courses may apply for grants and get reimbursed for their one week stay in Malta including flights, accommodation, meals and course fees. At present we are offering the course, ‘Creating e-learning courses hands-on tools & practical tips’.
The objectives of the course are:
  • Demystifying e-learning and making it accessible to even non-technical persons.
  • Hands on usage of several tools that together create different types of e-learning pathways.
  • Sharing of experiences and success stories.
  • Showcasing innovative projects and uses of e-learning from all over Europe.
Moreover, AcrossLimits will be offering a new course as from 2009 in Media, Education and Democracy.

The objectives of the course are:
  • Introducing the roles of Media and Education
  • Promoting the important role Media plays in our everyday lives
  • Introduction to School Journalism
  • Promoting Media Education
  • Hands on usage of media tools

EuropeanaLocal is a co-funded project under the eContentPlus programme. The aim is to contribute content from a local level to the European digital library – Europeana. This will be achieved by building on existing multiplier networks of local institutions to bring together a consortium that represents 27 countries with broad ranging experience of the cultural sector, digital libraries, standards and aggregation services.
The expected results include:
  • the establishment of a network of regional repositories that are highly interoperable with Europeana
  • an integrated prototype service
  • the development of thematic areas for Europeana services which integrate content from both the national and the local/regional level.
AcrossLimits is the Maltese partner within the consortium that has the role of regional content co-coordinator for Malta. The company is also a partner in the Europeana network. The thematic network brings together state archives, museums, collectors of audio-visual material, cross-domain associations, libraries, research institutions and technology experts.
EuropeanaLocal website:
Europeana website:

On 31st October 2008 the FP6 co-financed project... Read More

Cogknow is a challenging three-year STREP... Read More

AcrossLimits for the past 5 years has been participating... Read More

EuropeanaLocal is a co-funded project under the eContentPlus... Read More

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