Acrosslimits                                                  Issue 3: January/February 2009
Dear Friends,
2009 has truly started with a bang here in Malta. Lots of new projects, proposals and deadlines ! Yet... we are not grumbling but on the other hand looking forward to even more new collaborations with all of you partners all over Europe

In this issue we would like to tell you about an upcoming event we are organising here in Malta – a 1 day seminar that will be an information session on two of our projects – ENTITLE and EuropeanaLocal. Moreover, we are presenting you one of our solutions on offer and telling you about a great job shadowing experience that happened here in our office. (Quasi big-brother!)

I hope that you will enjoy our news and please contact us if you have any suggestions, comments and projects ideas that we can explore together. Positive or negative feedback is always greatly appreciated.

Have a great Valentine's day!



1 day Seminar about Entitle and Europeana Local
AcrossLimits will be organising a 1 day seminar about two of the projects we are participating in. Entitle and EuropeanaLocal are EU co-funded projects that promote education and culture.


‘Getting involved in projects that promote the improvement of our education, through the libraries sector in ENTITLE and promote our culture through EuropeanaLocal has always been at the upfront of our agenda,’ said AcrossLimits Director Angele Giuliano.


The one day event will be held at the Corinthia Palace Hotel at Attard. Guest speakers from the local sector together with foreign experts will be addressing the participants and informing them about the achievements both projects made in their respective sectors.


‘Disseminating the findings and informing the public is important since success stories help us improve,’ continued Angele Giuliano, ‘The double event aims at informing the public about what is going on in the European Union and thus provides a roadmap for Malta to follow.’

ENTITLE is a multilateral project funded under LLP KA4 Dissemination and Exploitation of Results, designed to support and extend the progress made to date by Europe’s public libraries in supporting learning for all age groups and sections of society.

It will focus on the contribution to be made through informal learning settings in libraries to lifelong learning, combating digital illiteracy and social exclusion, paying special attention to gains achieved through the applications of ICT.

‘Entitle comes at an ideal time considering the reform that we are experiencing in education. The project looks through a lifelong learning perspective and suggests ways and means how libraries may contribute more to achieve these goals,’ explained Angele Giuliano.
EuropeanaLocal is a Best Practice Network project, funded under the eContentplus programme of the European Commission, which started on 1 June 2008. It is designed to involve and help individual, local and regional libraries, museums, archives, audio-visual collections to contribute to Europeana.
‘EuropeanaLocal is a project that provides space to promote our local culture,’ said AcrossLimits Director, ‘such a project is ideal for Malta to expose itself and promote our country as a cultural destination.’


If you are interested in participating send an email confirming your presence to Cedric Farrugia on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to register for this event.


In this day and age, schools need to equip themselves with technology to keep up the students’ interest. Nowadays in education apart from the content, the method of delivery is playing a much more important role during lessons.


Communication gadgets have become the latest toys for young and adults alike. The need for visual and interactive technologies is becoming a prerequisite to generate interest within learning.


Information and communication technologies (ICT), properly used, contribute to the quality of education and training and to Europe’s move towards a knowledge-based society.


The European Commission has been very active in supporting and complementing the efforts of EU Member States in this field. Through the eLearning Initiative and Action Plan, it has gained considerable experience in encouraging co-operation, networking and exchange of good practice at a European level.

AcrossLimits already has considerable experience in delivering e-learning solutions. The participation in EU-funded projects such as VOWEL, ARISE, PLAnet (Personalised Learning Network) and Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) has given us an edge over SME’s in this field.

We can develop a holistic elearning solution including:

  • Researching for the best technologies to use (both from the traditional and open-source realms)
  • Consultancy on how best to set up an e-learning application for your organisation
  • Installation and integration of the solutions chosen
  • Creation of high level educational content for your courses
  • Evaluation of online courses
  • Project Management and assistance
If you want to know more email Annalise Duca on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Job ShadowingJob Shadowing
In January, AcrossLimits had a special young guest, Christy Galea, a 13 year old student from St Benedict College Girls Junior Lyceum. Young Christy spent a day at our offices job shadowing Angele, our ICT director. The event formed part of the European Commission initiative to promote ICT amongst girls.


ICT Manager For A Day, is an initiative by EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding. The event aims at promoting ICT career amongst young women. (Well Christy couldn’t find a better place to be encouraged to follow a career or become an entrepreneur J).


"Getting more women into ICT careers would be a force for change and a major boost for this key economic sector in Europe", declared Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media


Christy Galea and Angele had a really busy day with an eLearning training course being held on the premises. This was a Comenius in-service training which is held monthly by AcrossLimits, should you like further information please visit


‘I really found the day interesting and at a level that I could easily understand,’ said Christy, ‘I think that the day and the ideas that were shared with me will be useful for my future ICT career which I hope to pursue,’ continued the student.


‘The experience was very interesting, having a person shadowing you puts more responsibility since you must be as focused as possible,’ declared Angele.
One can also have a look at the small clip created after that day at our  Channel.

Our FP6 eFinance project, Fluid-Win is nearing its closure. The project targets business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing networks and their interactions with the logistics and financial service providers. 


The consortium met in Italy for the final Commission review of the project between the 22 and 23 January 2009.


‘Our review went very well,’ said Angele Giuliano, ’the Commission’s feedback was very positive. This continued to encourage us for the next step – the commercialization of Fluid-Win.’


FLUID- WIN eases complex networks, constituted by diverse companies of several industrial sectors such as manufacturing, finance and logistics, by offering a solution that facilitates their work and improves the performance and efficiency. When the majority of the network members belong to the EU 27, synchronisation can be made easier. Using this chance, EU-based networks can compete with networks that take advantage of low labour cost countries such as Far East countries.


‘AcrossLimits, together with the Italian and Hungarian partners, are embarking on the commercialization of the product,’ explained Angele, ‘Backed by our research partners we are planning to meet companies from the manufacturing, financial and logistics sectors and offer demonstrations of our product.’


AcrossLimits was trusted with the production of the promotional video that will be used for the promotion of the product. For further information and a demonstration of the product you may contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Go to our Channel to view this video

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