Acrosslimits                                                                                                       Issue 4: March 2009

Dear Friends,

Another mad month here at AcrossLimits!! Following the February deadlines and the organisation of the 1 Day Seminar we notice that a quarter of this not so 'new' year has already passed.

In this issue you will be able to follow the outcome of the Seminar on digital culture & learning project and meet our new member of staff Dr Giuseppina Nardò. Furthermore, we are presenting our energy project ISPower.

We hope that you will enjoy this issue and please contact us if you have any suggestions, comments and projects ideas that we can explore together. Positive or negative feedback is always greatly appreciated.



1 Day Seminar

'Everyone must wake up and contribute in bettering our education either through formal or informal education. This is why we participate in lifelong learning projects,' declared Angele Giuliano during the 1 Day Seminar organised by AcrossLimits on Friday 13th March at the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Attard.

The seminar focused on two of the projects in which the Maltese SME is participating. The projects, both of which are connected to lifelong learning and digital content are ENTITLE and EuropeanaLocal.

Libraries Department Director Mr. Philip Borg explained the historical process that libraries experienced on the Maltese islands. 'We must look into reaching out more people and contribute to education', said Mr. Borg.

The work of AcrossLimits in both projects was explained to the participants. The audience had the opportunity to be presented the ENTITLE draft guidelines, which at a later stage will be presented to stakeholders and policy makers in Brussels.

Mr. Evarist Bartolo, Lecturer at the Malta University and Shadow Minister for Education explained the importance of lifelong learning. 'A holistic approach must be taken to improve our citizens learning,' declared Hon Bartolo.

The afternoon was dedicated to EuropeanaLocal. The Best Practice Network project, funded under the eContentplus programme, is designed to involve and help individuals, local and regional libraries, museums, archives and audiovisual collections in Europeana - The European Digital Library.

Mr. Caldon Mercieca from the Ministry of Education and Culture explained the work being done at a National level on Europeana. A video presentation by Mr. Rob Davies MDR Partners (UK) was shown giving an explanation of the role of EuropeanaLocal.

'We must involve everyone to promote our culture. Localities are full of cultural treasures that may promote Malta amongst foreigners,' declared Angele Giuliano in her presentation on EuropeanaLocal.

The relation between Local Councils and EuropeanaLocal was presented by Dr Alexiei Dingli Mayor of Valletta and IT Lecturer at the University. 'We must make the best use of technology to promote our localities and also benefit from them,' declared Dr Dingli.

Women in Technology
Cyberellas are IT - the European Conference

European Commission job shadowing exercise to promote IT amongst young women

AcrossLimits participated in the EU commission initiative IT Girls 2009 - Every year, the Commission launches a shadowing exercise, working together with some leading companies active in Europe to give young women a taste of what a job in ICT would be like. The idea has been to show them what a typical day would be like, by accompanying or "shadowing" a female role model for a day.

Amongst the companies that participated in this initiative one finds - HP, Nokia, Cisco, Microsoft and Motorola.

Angele Giuliano, AcrossLimits director, was job shadowed for a day by Christy Galea, a student from St. Benedict's College, Girls Junior Lyceum, Santa Lucia. Angele commented, 'Empowering young people and promoting ICT are two things that I really have at heart. Christy's visit was another occasion to promote this field amongst young women not only at a local level but also all over Europe.'

The "Cyberellas are IT!" conference during which the shadowing projects were presented took place on 3 March 2009 to celebrate International Women's Day.

"Getting more women into ICT careers would be a force for change and a major boost for this key economic sector in Europe", declared Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media.

Technology Brokerage

AcrossLimits helps to develop industrial partnerships at national and international levels. Our vast and diverse network enables us to create links between research and industry.

Our services in this sector include:

  • Vetting of new software / technologies
  • Production of marketing strategy
  • Looking for international prospects
  • Assistance in submitting European / MEDA tenders
  • Representation in conferences and events
  • Management of sales teams using hosted CRM apps
  • Large network of IT consultants in the following countries:

Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Norway, UK, Israel, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium

We recommend that you save yourself some trouble by calling us. We shop for these technologies everyday. We know who has the best services and the best pricing. We know technology and can help you into the right solution at the right price.

One of the projects that we are working on is ISPower, a specific support action project. Funded under FP 6 - Sustainable Energy Systems, the project, brings together experts in the field of energy from a number of islands within the European Union. This is a project primarily of and for islands since it deals with the study of the sustainable development of the insular systems' economics required the efficient use of natural resources available in these territories and efficient integration and management in their electricity grid.

One of the main activities of ISPower is to create a network of EU experts in the field of isolated energy grids whereby such a network can develop and share knowledge regarding isolated power systems problematic.

Such a network shall specifically discuss the following topics:

  • Grid management in isolated systems and approaches to integrate distributed generation
  • Renewable energies and other distributed generation technologies: Characteristics and potential impact on isolated systems
  • Active demand management and storage technologies, and their impact on isolated power systems.
  • Regulatory schemes to enable the integration of distributed generation into isolated power systems.

The findings and proceedings of the Network of Specialists shall be made available on the website of ISPower under the library section, In fact the library shall be another activity of ISPower whereby research and publications related to the subject can be made available to registered users of the site.

The project shall also come up with a technical evaluation of the exploitation solutions to insular power systems problematic and Regulatory solutions focused on isolated power systems.

This is particularly relevant to Malta as currently our grid is isolated, despite the project that is in the pipeline to have Malta connected to Sicily by using an underwater cable. Furthermore renewable Energies in Malta are still at their infancy and hence the experiences and successes of other islands can be particularly relevant to Malta.

The project is coordinated by RED Spain which is a leader in the management of the energy grid in Spain. See website on

AcrossLimits featured on .eu TV programme

On 2 February 2009, Angele Giuliano was interviewed by journalist Keith Demicoli. The interview was for EU affairs TV programme .eu, the interview was broadcasted on 10 February 2009.

Angele, during the interview, gave an overview of AcrossLimits works Moreover, the company director presented the eHealth and eFinance EU co-funded projects Cogknow and Fluid-Win. She also gave tips on the politics of EU funding programmes.

You may view the interview, together with other videos related to the work we do at -

Giuseppina Nardo New member to the AL Family

Dr Giuseppina Nardò is a graduate in Law specialising in European planning and and environmental law. Giusy, as she prefers to be called, read a Masters degree in European Project Management.

Dr Nardo is a legal advisor for SEA (Sportello Energy Environment of the City of San Giovanni Rotondo) on issues related to environmental and sustainable development both on a national and European level.

"I have recently started a collaboration with AcrossLimits, as their consultant in Puglia (southern italy), in order to access the financial opportunities in the field of Training, Female Entrepreneurship , Professional Development and ICT" declared Giusy. During March & April Dr. Nardò will be within our Head Office in Malta for induction training.

If you are interested to discuss and explore the possibilities of working or collaborating with companies and organisations in Italy especially within the Puglia region please contact Dr. Nardò by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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