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Life moves in mysterious ways. Thanks to positive thought, anything becomes possible. On my mind I have the recent nomination I got to be the "face" of Maltese small businesses in the first ever EU SME week to be held in Brussels and all over Europe from the 6th to the 14th May.
It is a personal success to be featured both in the publication of the event with other 32 entrepreneurs (one per EU/EEA/candidate country) and also to make it on posters to be distributed all over Europe on the occasion of this event. However "the secret of success" (as the publication is called) is really having a great team in the company and a wonderful network like all of you reading now. Thanks!

In this issue we are also launching the bookings for our eHealth business workshop that will be held in June in Malta. The Cogknow solution has been kept under wraps for now, but now's the time to unveil it and ask the business people out there to help us make this another success.

Cogknow Workshop in MaltaSME Week in BrusselsEuropeanaLocalBe My Guest

Moreover, our other projects continue in parallel and therefore we have also a story on our Russian  language eLearning project, Be My Guest.

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Cogknow LogoOn Friday 26th June, AcrossLimits will be hosting an exploitation event to present the eHealth solution Cogknow to prospective business partners and investors from all over Europe. The research project has created a home and mobile environment in order to help persons with mild dementia and first stages of Alzheimers in living a more independent and safe life.

‘This event will portray the opportunities for companies after participating in EU co-funded projects’, said Ms Giuliano, AcrossLimits Director, ‘Together with our partners from 8 different European countries a solution was created, tested and improved in three consecutive years with real live patients. The event is looking to generate collaboration from all over Europe.’

The features of the system allow that a person's home becomes a safer haven thanks to sensors in different rooms that can monitor what the person is doing, and also a two way communication due to both a fixed touch screen in the home and a mobile device that reminds about important activities like eating, appointments, taking medication etc. Everything is remotely monitored by the clinics but also can be accessed by the informal carers (children or partners) that may even be hundreds of kilometres apart but still able to access the reminders and setup options via the web. Cogknow has also a mobile component that becomes active out of the home and can be used with a combination of GPS software to navigate the person back home should they get lost.

The event in Malta will now focus on the commercialisation of the product and will be attracting several businesses in Europe that are in the same telecare and ehealth area. ‘The event and the format will be similar to round table discussions and workshops. There will also be a demo area where we will prepare a home-like environment in order to show case Cogknow in its full glory to the audience’ declared Angele Giuliano.
The event is free of charge but on a first come first served basis so kindly book by sending an email on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Great rates have been obtained at the 5-star venue - The Grand Hotel Excelsior Hotel in Valletta and there are parallel and weekend activities organised for partners, children and other accompanying persons.
SME week in Brussels

Angele Giuliano, has been selected as one of the 33 European entrepreneurs that have been featured on a publication that will be published in connection with the first European SME Week. The event will be held in Brussels from the 6 to 14 May 2009.

Maltese SMEs and the European Commission have nominated Ms. Giuliano to represent them at the European event. ‘I’m honoured that I have been chosen to represent the Maltese sector at the European SME Week. Participating at such events is very important for Malta since it gives an opportunity to promote our country and network with our counterparts within fellow member states.’ said Angele.

The aim is to promote entrepreneurship across Europe and to inform entrepreneurs about support available for them at European, national and local level. It allows SMEs to discover an array of information, advice, support and ideas to help them develop their activities.

‘Featuring and forming part of such an event is very important both for myself, for the company and also for Malta,’ said Ms Giuliano, ‘The opportunity of meeting Commissioner Verheugen and having a business breakfast with Commissioner Kroes for which only 6 representatives have been invited is very important to make our voice heard.’

The SME Week encourages and supports SMEs to reach their full potential. It also marks an opportunity to inspire potential entrepreneurs to 'take the plunge' and work towards achieving their aspirations.

Angele declared that, 'Promoting entrepreneurship is very important since this not only generates jobs but also provides you with personal satisfaction since you may put your talents and abilities to good use whilst pursuing projects and ideas close to your heart.'

The SME Week seeks to:

Inform: provide and disseminate information on what the EU and the national authorities are offering by way of support to small businesses

Support: create an EU-SME partnership, underlining how Europe is stronger with more competitive SMEs and also the fact that the EU is ready to offer them support and advice

Inspire: motivate existing SMEs to broaden their outlook and further develop and grow their business

Share: float ideas and share the experiences of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs

Encourage: convince young people that entrepreneurship is an attractive career option.
Click on the following link to see the full booklet "The Secret of Success" featuring the 33 entrepreneurs and join Angele in Brussels on the 6th May at noon in the Berlaymont building or in Malta on the 14th May for the National Conference during Business week (bookings on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Following last month’s dissemination seminar, the work on EuropeanaLocal continued to move on. Setting up meetings with the various stakeholders and explaining the next steps that must be taken to expose their organisation on Europeana – The European Digital Library is what we are doing at present.

EuropeanaLocal is one of a suite of additional projects, funded by the European Commission to help further develop Europeana. EuropeanaLocal will play an important role in ensuring that the enormous amount of digital content provided by Europe’s cultural institutions at local and regional level is represented in Europeana, alongside that held at national level. Such involvement will not only bring together a rich diversity of content of all types, cultures and languages but also people, making it possible to establish integrated services with great richness and added value for communities and individual users.

NGOs, Local Councils and private museums are amongst the various stakeholders we are collaborating with on the project. We would like to broaden the stakeholders spectrum by trying to involve other organisations that in a way or another have been involved in the cultural fabric of our localities.

Such stakeholders may be band clubs, sports clubs, drama clubs, private collectors that possess text, images or video collections. To gather further information about EuropeanaLocal do not hesitate to contact us either on +356 21224900 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diana & MaryroseBe My GuestIn March we at AcrossLimits, could hear a different language being spoken not very familiar amongst us at the office. Diana Tsotova the Bulgarian coordinator of the project and Prof. Rafael Gusman Tirado, the Spanish partner came to Malta on the 27th and 28th March. Together with Maryrose Francica and Annalise Duca, AL’s team on the project, they recorded the audio material in Russian for the Lingua project Be My Guest.

The role of AL in this project is to oversee the technical part whereby an elearning Russian language course is put online for the benefit of people from EU member states to learn Russian especially those in the hospitality sector. Be My Guest is a beginners' online course so anyone can try their hand at this fascinating language.

‘First of all, the online course is addressed, to people occupied or seeking employment in tourism’ said Maryrose on the importance of Be My Guest, ‘It will be useful as well for providers of various services in hospitality field, for example, home accommodation providers, shops and restaurant staff, etc. It will help them to facilitate their communication with Russians and Russian speaking people from European countries where this language is widely spoken’ concluded Ms Francica.

Another aim of this course is to be useful to people traveling to and from Russia and Russian speaking countries for tourism or business: you can learn quickly basic Russian and cope with typical travel situations.

Furthermore, Be my Guest is open to anyone that wants to communicate effectively in Russian. In a short time, you will know how to converse in everyday situations.

Information about the course may be accessed at