Hello dear friends,
Summer is back with us here in Malta and we’re already grumbling, huffing and puffing in the heat. It’s that time again when airconditioners work full blast, deadlines are cursed and everyone just wants to just rush back home, change and go take a dip in our cool waters!

Yet, someone has to move this economy and therefore us good souls at AcrossLimits have spent May working on new proposals, current projects and networking like mad thanks to the European SME week, that by the way, was a great success both locally and in Brussels.

It’s also positive that we’re starting to put Malta on the Europeana map but we need your help for obtaining more content, so we’re calling again Maltese private collectors and artists to contact us and be featured in the mother of all digital culture websites!

That’s all folks, off to chill on a beach now!

Hugs, Angele
SME Week in BrusselsArtists & Collectors WantedNew Training Being Offered
SME week in Brussels

Bookmark: smeAngele Giuliano on her recent nomination to be the face of Maltese entrepreneurs in the first European SME week said: “My time in Brussels was unforgettable! Meeting Commissioners Verheugen and Kroes, being interviewed by international press and having my face plastered all over DG Enterprise and several other venues felt like something out of a fairytale! It was not just hype though since new alliances have been forged and meeting the other 32 entrepreneurs was an inspiration for me, fueling me forward in a positive way."

Angele and AcrossLimits staff also participated heavily in the local events in Malta for SME week, especially the SME Fair that was held at the ruins of the Opera House in Valletta and the final conference with Ministry of Finance held at the Grand Hotel Excelsior.

‘When one considers that 96% of the industry in Malta is made up of SMEs and that they employ 70,000 people one may understand the importance of the sector,’ declared Minister Tonio Fenech in the final conference, ‘Moreover, SMEs are also important in providing services to the large industries.’

Angele’s speech during the event focused on being a real entrepreneur at this time of economic crisis and not letting self-fulfilling prophecies come true by being too negative about everything. She focused on giving simple effective ideas and promoting a call for action.

You can see and hear Angele’s speech on Youtube at the AcrossLimits channel on http://www.youtube.com/acrosslimits

Bookmark: artistAcrossLimits is looking for Maltese artists and collectors that are willing to promote their collections at a European level. ‘We are participating in various projects that present opportunities for locals to promote their work,’ said Annalise Duca, the project executive working on behalf of AcrossLimits on the Europeana family of projects.

Photographers, painters, musicians, singers together with collectors are being sought to contribute samples of their digital content and promote their work together with our culture across the European states.

Moreover, exposing the works and creations presents opportunities for collaboration with other individuals and organizations. This paves the way to exposing the art forms and collections to new markets.

‘Projects such as these are an opportunity to expose, expand and generate interest in our artists and country,’ said Ms Duca.

AcrossLimits is also looking for digital material such as photos, video and audio content from Malta. These could be collections or original creations.
Xaghra Windmill, Gozo 1954 (c) Joseph M. Giuliano

Bookmark: trainingIn March the first group of participants for the Media and Education as tools for Democracy in-service training was welcomed at the Gateway Centre. The course offers the possibility to discuss in a multicultural environment. Moreover, topics such as editorial policies, advertising industry and new media are discussed. This is also complemented with practical sessions during which participants work in groups to produce a mini video clip for the internet.

‘The first participants contributed actively to the objectives of the course, that of creating an open discussion,’ said Cedric Farrugia, course coordinator, ‘The practical part of the course is also very important since it offers participants first hand experience in filming, editing, producing and broadcasting their first internet video clip.’

For further information do not hesitate to contact Ms Kerry Freeman either by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone during office hours on 21224900. Moreover, you may also visit www.trainingmalta.com

Bookmark: czechAcrosslimits hosted a Czech Delegation made up of 5 teachers who are involved in Labour Studies, Entrepreneurship and Employment for a visit. Their main interest was in what Malta has to offer towards employment and the different schemes that are available for the different sectors of employment. The participants were welcomed at our office by Ms Maryrose Francica who gave a welcome speech and went through the agenda for the visit.

During their stay in Malta, the participants visited Malta Enterprise, the Kordin Business Incubation Centre (KBIC) and the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy department (FEMA) of the University of Malta where they were welcomed by the Head of the Labour Studies Department, Mr. Saviour Rizzo and given a presentation by Ms. Anna Borg. Dr. Katie Birch gave a lecture to the participants entitled “Leadership, Business Planning & Entrepreneurship”.

‘Events such as this contribute to enhance networking for Maltese companies and organisations with their foreign counterparts,’ said Maryrose. During their stay the participants also had the opportunity to sample local traditional fare, the Maltese hospitality and visited places of interest.