Dear friends and colleagues,
Summer is with us and although we’re gracefully starting to melt, work does not seem to want to give us a rest. With various events abroad and a few of our own locally we are as busy as brides planning their nuptials (June is the heaviest wedding season in Malta).
This month we are launching two new courses offered under the Grundtvig/Comenius in-service training to be held in Palermo. Maltese teachers are also welcome to apply.
For those of you who are going on holidays in July we hope you’ll enjoy yourselves. And if you have not planned anything yet... come to Malta! We’re always happy to see you!

Until soon,

AcrossLimits in collaboration with Giuseppe Labita Consulenza e Formazione will start offering two new Grundtvig courses as from end of 2009. “Career Guidance 2.0” and “Management for European Education and Research Projects” will be hosted in beautiful Palermo. Teachers from all over Europe (except those from Italy) can apply under the in-service training grants. Courses will be held in English.

Career Guidance 2.0

The Grundtvig Course Career Guidance 2.0 will focus on a step by step process that will help career guides and other professionals in the field to embrace technology as an aid for better work. The course also aims at enhancing the Career Guidance skills by exposing them to new professions and their typical trajectory. The course will be made up of elements of group discussions and practical examples.
Course Session

Management for European Education and Research Projects

The course Management will focus on a step by step approach on how to successfully manage a European project. The methodology adopted will be a hands-on approach using a fictitious project that has been approved and going through all the steps required during the lifetime of this project. The participants will be split into groups in order to emulate consortia and thanks to several scenarios they will understand how to manage meetings, presentations to reviewers/Commission and public events.

Course Sessions:
If you are interested in attending one of these courses, please email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the 25th and 26th June, experts from different countries met up in Cyprus to discuss four technical reports drawn up by the Project team. With around 20 experts the sessions where highly enriched by a dynamic approach to the themes. Such themes being:

  • Grid management in isolated systems and approaches to integrate distributed generation.
  • Renewable energies and other distributed generation technologies: Characteristics and potential impact on isolated systems.
  • Active demand management’s technologies, procedures and tools and their impact on isolated power systems
  • Regulatory schemes to enable the integration of distributed generation into isolated power systems
Malta has sent 2 experts from Enemalta Corporation, Mr Alan Cassar and Mr Rodney Bonello.

This was an enriching experience not only for the depth of the discussion on the themes but also an excellent opportunity for such experts to network with each other. The added bonus was a great setting in Larnaca and an excellent organisation of the whole event by our Cyprus partners.

Full details of the reports can be found in the library of the project at
IS Power

Angele Giuliano has been featured as an eLearning Expert on a Web 2.0 course of her American colleague D.I. von Briesen. Angele and D.I. met in Stockholm last September when they both lectured together on elearning and online meetings in real life and Second Life.

This Web2.0 course is offered by the Futures Institute at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) - an innovative college in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its mission is not instruction, but to produce learning with every student by whatever means work best. The college itself is a learner, continuously learning how to produce more learning with each entering student.

D.I. von Briesen is a passionate professional involved in online learning (mostly on the combination of Web 2.0 tools with Second Life). He’s also the leader of the Ecobox project ( – which is a self-contained environmentally sustainable workshop built from a standard shipping container.

‘This is another opportunity to learn and share my knowledge with others.’ said Angele, ‘Being involved in this experience means that even across the Atlantic we’re building bridges to collaborate on issues like eLearning which transcend all borders.’

Learn more on the Futures Institutes and see the Web 2.0 course here

The Cogknow consortium is meeting in Malta for its 6th General Meeting as well as a business workshop for businesses and investors from Europe that are working in the same telecare and ehealth area. The event in Malta will now focus on the commercialization of the product. The aim is to network with potential investors while at the same time show case COGKNOW in its full glory to the audience. This will be achieved by creating a simulation of a home environment and displaying the system and it’s potential.

‘These three very busy days are exposing Cogknow to the public’ declared Angele, ‘using our latest technologies in our health sector is important to provide our professionals and patients the best tools and services needed.’

If you would like to achieve further information about Cogknow don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a meeting. See more on