August 2009 - & We are Back2Business
Dear Friends,

We’re back!! After a short but much deserved Summer break we are noses to the grindstone once more. It was nice to rest mentally and physically, since in the coming months we will be busy with lots of deadlines.
In this regard we are offering our assistance to help you find Maltese partners for your projects. Should you like to benefit from this, send us a brief description of your project and we will assist you through our contact list. We are also keen to share our own experience in ICT, in particular, within the elearning and ehealth areas. We're also building a larger network of non-EU Mediterranean partners - so tell us if you want to join.

In this issue you will be able to read about our new project "I’m your Guide" and the new look given to Moreover, I will be taking part in a conference in Sweden in early October so feel free to contact me and come and meet for a coffee and a chat.

I hope that you will enjoy our news and please contact us if you have any suggestions, comments and projects ideas that we can explore together. Positive or negative feedback is always greatly appreciated.
... and now... back to business!

Enlarging our Network Revamped
Charter Conference
I am your Guide - History in your backyard
Enlarging our Network

Operating in an ever globalized economy requires strategic cooperation with international partners. The ever growing importance in regional collaboration does not limit itself to EU member states. That’s why we are keen to get in touch with organisations and institutions that operate in the Mediterranean and are non-EU member states.

Organisations and institutions such as:
Mediterranian Sea
  • NGO’s
  • Universities (including faculties)
  • Post secondary educational institutions
  • Research Centres
  • Museums
  • Cultural organisations
  • Media organisations
  • Small Medium Enterprises
The list above is just a small sample; therefore if you are interested to cooperate with AcrossLimits do not hesitate to send us your organisation profile by email to – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the online interactive booking engine for the courses provided by a number of organisations in Malta, amongst which AcrossLimits. The website has been revamped providing new features and having a new youthful and colourful look.

The site provides information about the various courses, a calendar that highlights the course dates during the year as well as a step by step guide on how to apply for the courses.

One may also find information about Malta as well as testimonials from past course participants. Visit

Charter Conference

Charter ConferenceAngele Giuliano, will be a panellist during the conference "From the European Charter for Small Enterprises to the Small Business Act" which is going to take place from 5-6 October 2009 in the conference centre "InfraCity" near Stockholm, Sweden.

Angele, will be forming part of the panel during the discussion, The European Recovery Plan, the implementation of the Small Business Act and its impact on SMEs. The discussion will be held on Tuesday 6th October at 09.00 and it will be chaired by Françoise Le Bail, Deputy Director-General and SME envoy, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, European Commission.

Ms Giuliano, would like to invite participants to the panel discussion while any participants that would like to hold a meeting with her may get it touch with her via email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Further information about the conference may be achieved from here.

I am your Guide - History in your backyard
Old Camera Following the February Life Long Learning Programme deadlines we are proud to announce that "I am your Guide – History in your backyard" has been approved for funding. The project, that has a duration of 24 months will bring organisations from 6 countries, including Malta. The partners are:

- Het Perspectief – Belgium
- Caer AlynHeritage and Archaeological Project – Wales
- Utenos švietimo centras – Lithuania
- Acrosslimits - Malta

‘Although we are still at a very early stage of the project we are looking forward to give our input’, declared Maryrose Francica, ‘The main goals of the project are to promote the cultural heritage that is hidden within our communities.’ The main goals that have been set by the partners are:
  • to strengthen the social cohesion of and integration in the neighbourhood by digging in the community heritage and investigating connections with other cultures.
  • to make European citizens more aware and appreciative of culture treasures in their own countries and other EU member states
  • to create the conditions for building upon the thematic richness and geographic diversity of Europe’s cultural traditions and social identities
  • to promote digitisation at local/regional level
The participants will be provided with training in digitisation, dissemination and handling of historical content. These skills will be put to use in a practical manner by collecting historical content such as photo’s, films, articles, testimonies of the neighbourhood, digitalize the material and share it with the partners. Connections and common aspects will be investigated and differences will be compared. Real and virtual visits, exhibitions based on the collected material as well as visits to performances and museums will be organized. Further information will be posted on our website in due time.