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September passed like a dream and we had so many travels, reports and meetings to host or prepare that we really were like in a trance! With the start of Autumn there were much needed showers here in Malta and a drop in temperature that puts us back in motion towards the busy pre-Christmas period. (Wow! It's less than 3 months away!)
In this issue you'll be able to read about our participation in the thematic network Europeana V1.0, a new LLP project focusing on SME training, major project events in Hungary and Sweden and if you happen to be in these countries when our team members will be there why not organize a meeting to discuss possible collaboration? We love to hear from you and meet you on a more F2F rather than F2email way! 
While I hope that you will enjoy our news do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions, comments and project proposal ideas that we can explore together. Rants and raves are always greatly appreciated.
... and now, let me switch off that alarm clock! :-)


Angele Giuliano has been invited to address the SFIS Cyber Tools: Social Media Lab @ Kista. The practical workshops will be held on 7th October 2009 in Stockholm, tho she will be there from Sunday 4th in order to also participate as a panel speaker within the Swedish Presidency SME Charter Conference at Infracity.

The Cyber Tools workshop will be focusing on the latest technologies and solutions that enhance eLearning 2.0. The themes that will be put under scrutiny is the latest innovative web 2.0 technologies, micro-blogging and new social communication tools and new public speaking and presentation tools that may be accessed online.

SFIS is a non-profit organisation for information management professionals. The association was founded in 1936 and has about 1100 members. The members work in the private and public sectors, at universities, in government, in large conglomerates as well as in small companies.

Angele will be returning to Kista giving her expert feedback during the workshops. She was one of the main speakers at last year's highly appreciated Cyber Tools in Kista on eLearning 2.0 ( In last year’s event a lecture was delivered in real time both to the audience in Kista and also on the popular online social communication platform Second Life.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

ENTITLE,Knihonvy pro Celo%u017Eivotn%uFFFD Vzd%u011Bl%uFFFDv%uFFFDn%uFFFD the multilateral project under LLP, designed to support and extend the progress made to date by Europe’s public librariess in supporting learning for all age groups and sections of society, is nearing its conclusion.
The ENTITLE final conference 'Libraries for Lifelong Learning' will provide an excellent discussion forum, where librarians and educators from all over Europe can share their experiences, good practices and exchange their view on the role libraries should play in non-formal/informal learning. More information on

The conference will be held between the 15 to 17 October in Budapest, Hungary. Cedric will be representing AcrossLimits at the conference. Anyone who is interested in the fields of eLearning and culture digitization and would like to hold bilateral meetings with Cedric Farrugia may fix an appointment by email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AcrossLimits continues to give its input in yet another cultural digitization project. The Europeana V 1.0 Thematic Network is aiming to continue the work to enrich the European Digital Library – Europeana.

This project is the successor network to the EDLnet thematic network which created the EDL Foundation and the Europeana prototype. The work of Europeana v1.0 will include the development and implementation of all the necessary processes to create and run such an operation and a full scale business development operation to ensure a steady stream of content is made available.

Additionally dissemination efforts to end users will be executed to ensure take up and continuous involvement of end users in order to achieve sustainability of such a service. Among the tools to enlarge user involvement will be the development of generic (web) services that allow others to re-use and re-purpose the data.

Angele participated in the Europeana Plenary Conference that was held at The Hague, the Netherlands earlier this month. Jonathan, a senior member of our technical team, will be participating at the Aggregators Day on 14th October in Lund, Sweden - do get in contact on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you would like to meet and discuss ideas.

Improving Diversity Training for SMEs - IDTS is a brand-new EU funded project under the Life Long Learning programme – Leonardo Partnerships. The duration is of 24 months and will end in September, 2011. The coordinators of the project are the Banbridge District Enterprises Ltd, a British organisation and AcrossLimits is the Maltese partner of this project. The other partners hail from Ireland, Denmark and Romania.
The IDTS partnership has set itself a clear and simple aim: to identify, document and disseminate best practice on diversity training in the workplace.
"Specifically our partnership will seek to uncover and examine diversity training aimed at SMEs, to help employers tackle issues that will make them better placed to hire and train immigrants as useful part of their workforce’ said Maryrose Francica.
In general, all partners share a common desire to improve the attractiveness and impact of small business training services vis-a-vis immigrants. The partnership represents all sides of the addressed stakeholders. The partners therefore work either directly with Immigrants or with SMEs. They are well placed and well aware then of the challenges facing both immigrants in gaining suitable appropriate employment and of the challenges facing SME employers in employing, training and integrating immigrants into their workforce. This project has arisen out of that clearly identified need.