October 2009 - ...If witches and ogres
Talk in Stockholm
Be My Guest Workshop Followup

Charmed friends,

It's been a magical month and as our favourite feast of Halloween approaches, we at AcrossLimits have been casting spells and dodging ogres whilst working full blast.

I spent a great 4 days in Stockholm where I was a panellist in the Small Business Act for Europe  at the Swedish Presidency Conference. Apart from the fairytale setting, including a real live princess, it was great to discuss how Europe and local governments can help SMEs conquer the big bad wolf the economic crisis.

Learning online is one of the real enchanting powers in this connected world we live in. Read about our RussianOnline.eu event or how we can conjure up this technology at your own school or educational institution. Otherwise head towards our new www.trainingmalta.com to see how we can really transport you to Malta for one of our courses (via airplane, not broomstick!) BroomStick

... and do write back and tell us about your own legendary feats!

Stay spellbound!


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Talk in Stockholm

Angele took part in the Conference ‘From the European Charter for Small Enterprises to the Small Business Act’ that was held at the InfraCity, Sweden on the 5-6 October.

AcrossLimits' Director formed part of a panel of experts that discussed ‘The European Recovery Plan, the implementation of the Small Business Act and its impact on SMEs’.

‘The event was great since prominent people in the sector were there. Not only Madame Francoise Le Bail formed part of the same panel discussion, but also the Ministers from the Swedish Presidency and Commissioner Spidla ' said Angele Giuliano.

Together with Angele, Ms Françoise Le Bail, Deputy Director-General and SME envoy, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, European Commission, Ms Gunilla Almgren, UEAPME Vice President and First Vice Chairman of FORETAGARNA, Swedish Member of UEAPME and Mr Ben Butters, Director of European Affairs, Eurochambres formed the Panel Discussion.

‘We all know the importance of the European Recovery Plan and must therefore look positively towards the future and learn from this experience thereby doing our best to prevent or at least minimise the impact on our industry and market’, declared Angele.

Talk in Stockholm 
Amongst others, it was agreed to:
  • Facilitate the access to transnational factoring by placing a guarantee fund to banks so that they can discount invoices also where the client on the invoice is not from the same EU country as the bank's client.
  • Work in collaboration with DG Research in order to make the rule on commercialisation of research results more stringent. This could be achieved by making them register a company at the end of the project, or giving the IPR to some SMEs or auctioning the patents off if need be.
  • Form some effort to set up something similar to a European Investment Agency where money is attracted from outside the EU into the EU (the reverse of going out there, but getting them in)
  • Promote the idea of setting off social security employer payments against what the government owes that particular company. This would help cashflow immensely in many cases.
Be My Guest Workshop Followup
Another project its nearing the end: Be My Guest – Learn Russian Online. This project focused on creating an e-Learning course for the website visitors to learn Russian.
In this regard a final workshop was organised by AcrossLimits to disseminate the project with stakeholders. Educators from a vast spectrum of the education system participated. The audience had the opportunity to learn about the project as well as to experience the site functionalities.
Be My Guest Workshop Followup
The workshop participants were addressed by Ms. Maryrose Francica, as Project Manager on the Be My Guest Project on behalf of AcrossLimits, and Ms. Angele Giuliano, Director and eLearning expert at AcrossLimits.

Moreover, Ms Diana Tsotova, the Project Coordinator, addressed the workshop. Ms. Tsotova & Ms. Annalise Duca, technical expert guided the audience on the site tutorial.

If you have a school, training centre or even a business and you spend a lot of time (and money) printing textbooks, workbooks and delivering face to face lessons, maybe it's time to look at the advantages that e-learning can offer.

At AcrossLimits we offer a holistic approach to switching to e-Learning. We offer training to your teaching staff and look at your particular needs to find the best solution for both you and your students.

AcrossLimits can implement e-learning using a variety of technologies including, but not limited, to LMS (Learning Management Systems), blogs, wikis, virtual classrooms (synchronous learning with the teachers and the students online), video conferencing, games, simulations, multimedia animations and even mobile phone content.

We can develop holistic e-Learning solutions that cater to your specific needs by:

  • Researching the best technologies to apply (from traditional and open-source realms)
  • Offering consultancy services to organisations on how best to set up and e-Learning application
  • Installing and integrating the solutions and platforms chosen
  • Creating a high level educational content for e-Learning courses
  • Evaluating online courses already in existence
  • Assisting in project management
  • Training the e-Learning trainers/tutors

Should you require further information about this service do not hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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TrainingMalta.com - The site to find training in Malta
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