Peace on Earth my dears!

It's Christmastime and I've been driving everybody bananas singing Christmas carols during the last few weeks! Thankfully Santa has given the AcrossLimits’ elves lots of presents already ... we've had some good news re new projects and work these past two months (Yes .. we've not sent out a November newsletter ... glad you noticed!) and now we're all rearing to go for an incredible New Year!

Read all about our latest project events and activities below... EuropeanaLocal interim meeting and way forward in Poznan, Poland ... Final Conference of "Be My Guest" project in Sofia... and "Improving Diversity Training for SMEs" kickoff in Belfast. Of course, our day-to-day efforts continue on all fronts - whether it's e-learning training, promoting e-health applications or collecting digital cultural objects.

Our special Santa Claus Daniel, would like to wish you all a great festive season and a super 2010 ... and now ... all together let's sing with him:

"Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
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In a one horse open sleigh"
Ho! Ho! Hugs!

SantA(ngele) ! ;-)
Enjoy the Festivities with your loved ones. AcrossLimits will be back on 4th January 2010 after our holiday shutdown.
The Italian Ministry for Culture invited AcrossLimits to participate in the acclaimed tourism and archeology fair, “Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archeologico”, held in Paestum, Cappacio in the Campagnia region of Italy.

The event brings together the movers and shakers in the sector: Universities, Research Centres and Museums were amongst the exhibitors. Moreover, various countries and regions promoted their product.

In the shades of the historic Magna Greca site Posseidonia, Cedric took part in a workshop as part of the STACHEM project. He feels that ‘this event is a networking opportunity for organisations that operate in the cultural sector within the Mediterranean’.

This fair brought people/organisations coming from Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt togheter. Moreover it enabled us to consolidate networks within Italy itself and other European countries such as Greece and Cyprus.

This offered the possibility to work with organizations coming from Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt. Moreover consolidate networks within Italy itself and other European countries such as Greece and Cyprus.

Representatives from all the 31 partner organisations of the EuropeanaLocal project met in Poznan, Poland during the first week of December. The meeting focused on achieving the set goals during this coming year.

In this regard the participants were divided into two working groups: one focusing on operations and strategy and the other group aimed at technical issues. AcrossLimits was represented by Director Angele Giuliano and Technical Expert Jonathan Azzopardi.

‘These meetings are very important since we can network and share our achievements and concerns with the other partners and learn from their experiences’, said Angele Giuliano.

The meeting focused mostly on preparation of data for digital objects and meta tags to be prepared for ingestion into Europeana. ‘This is an important part of the project since users will be able to find what they are looking for only if we manage to input all the necessary data’, commented Angele

Next year, the project will continue with the dissemination and recruitment of more data so that the website will become more attractive to users. In this regard an internal strategy meeting was held soon after Angele and Jonathan returned and a strategic plan to achieve further success in this project by exposing Maltese arts, history and culture through Europeana was drawn up with this objective in mind. Further information may be obtained from

If you wish to contribute to the content of EuropeanaLocal please email Cedric Farrugia on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view him on 21224900.

Maryrose and Annalise attended the final conference of the BMG project which was held on 16th December, 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The duration of the project was for two years and it came to an end this December. The conference was attended by Professors from Sofia University, teachers of the Russian language in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian/Russian Tour Guides and the Association of Slavic Women.

Maya Russimova, General Manager of Euroinform Ltd, and Diana Tsotova, the coordinator of the Be My Guest Project, welcomed the attendees and briefed all present on the Be My Guest Project. The Spanish partner, Professor Rafael Tirado Gusman from the University of Granada (Spain), then gave a speech explaining why Europeans should learn Russian. Maryrose Francica, the Maltese partner, then gave her presentation on the impact of the Be My Guest project in Malta. After the speeches, Diana Tsotova and Annalise Duca, the technical expert on the elearning platform that had been created for this project, gave a demonstration of this platform and the audience had the opportunity to learn about the project as well as to experience the site functionalities.

The last two years since the start of the have project flown by and all the partners who had entered this partnership as strangers will be leaving it as firm friends. Heartfelt thanks go to Maya of Euroinform Limited and especially to Diana Tsotova who has worked very hard, and with the utmost dedication, during these past two years. This project has even motivated some of us at Acrosslimits to learn the Russian language.

The partners that form the consortium are:

  • EUROINFORM LTD - Bulgaria - Diana Tsotova (project cooridinator)
  • Educational Programmes Consult Ltd – Bulgaria
  • Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di iniziativa per l’Europa –Italia
  • Acrosslimits - Malta
  • University of Granada – Spain

While some projects are nearing their end others are just commencing. One of the new projects that the kick off meeting was held recently is Improving Diversity for SME’s. The meeting was held in Belfast, Ireland from 26-27 November. The project is funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci and will run till July 2011.

‘The project aims to remove the diverse obstacles that hinder employees from delivering to their best abilities’ says Kerry Freeman. Best practice in diversity training entails:

  • Removing barriers to obtaining and retaining employment e.g. linguistic competencies or nationality.
  • Removing barriers such as discrimination at the workplace and racist behaviour.
  • Assessing and up-grading immigrants’ skills, including language ability.
  • Empower migrant workers and train employers and staff at risk of discrimination.
The partners for this project are:
  • Immigrant Council of Ireland- Dublin, Ireland
  • Migrants’ Advice – Nationwide Consulting – Denmark
  • I-Red Institute for Rights and Diversity – Greece
  • National Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises – Romania
  • The Learning Hub – Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)
  • Acrosslimits Ltd – Malta