IDTS - Dublin Partners Meeting

WoHIT - Barcelona 2010
Dear friends,
Time waits for no woman (sorry guys, I'm sexist) ... and somehow this March has sped by on wings. With more deadlines that we'd love to, (but that we still need), and with loads of continuous crazy business ideas that keep popping in my mind, just when I should really knuckle down and write about European Added Value of some sort or other, it seems that there was barely a breathing space. :-)

Thank God for the lovely team I have, that continue to march steadily on.. even whilst their boss dithers! Therefore this month Annalise went to Dublin for one of our projects related to improving diversity training for SMEs, Cedric had a plug in a local radio show about our beloved digital cultural heritage projects and the rest of the gang continued to work head down on projects, training sessions, websites, reports and deliverables.

I guess they've breathed easier when I popped over for a few days to Barcelona for the World of Health IT conference. It was really inspiring to touch base with global eHealth professionals and confirm, that we're on the right track after all, with our targeting of solutions for elderly and especially people who suffer from dementia.

Oh my ... look at the time! ... Gotta rush off now,

Ta ta everyone!


Media & Education as Tools towards Democracy

Radio Interview on RTK
IDTS - Dublin Partners Meeting
Ireland - DublinAnnalise Duca participated in a meeting held in Dublin as part of Identification & Reporting of best practice in diversity training – IDTS. The meeting was held from the 15th to the 16th March.

The objective of IDTS is to carry out research in partner countries on existing diversity training for SMEs, with the aim of producing a report that will recommend concrete improvements to make small business training more attractive and effective within the larger VET structures.

The meeting was addressed by a variety of speakers from various organisations operating in Ireland. The speakers shared their experience and presented their organisations to the international audience.

‘The meeting offered us the possibility to learn more about what is being done in Ireland’ said Annalise. 'The sharing of best practices is important in such projects since it helps us reach the project objectives and compare various situations both in an EU and a local context.’

IDTS' next meeting will be held in Malta and further information will be given in the coming newsletters.

WoHIT - Barcelona 2010

WHO IT - Barcelona 2010World of Health IT is an international conference and exhibition related to the field of eHealth. Angele Giuliano attended the event that was held in Barcelona, Spain.

WoHIT is one of the largest expos in the field, where over 3000 participants and more than 60 exhibitors took part in the event that was held over three days.

Panel discussions, debates, high level presentations and actual case studies provided the participants with evidence of eHealth contribution to healthcare delivery. The speakers shared their experience on successful implementations, new trends and challenges in the eHealth sector.

‘I was looking at what is available in the market since we will soon be focusing on ehealth applications, projects and solutions,’ said Angele, ‘The event also provided networking possibilities with global players in the field.’

Angele attended various workshops related to commercialisation and business models for eHealth.

AcrossLimits has participated in various projects related to eHealth amongst which is CogKnow, a three year STREP project that delivered a daily navigation system for people suffering from mild dementia. Visit CogKnow website on

Media & Education as Tools towards Democracy
Learning GroupAcrossLimits is once again offering the Media & Education as Tools Towards Democracy – 2010. The course is funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig or Comenius in-service training. The training is a 5-day course and aims to provide participants with analytical exercises and practical hands on experience.

Cedric Farrugia, trainer, said, ‘The methodology during the course is a mix of pedagogical explanations, coupled with hands-on practice of tools, to allow teachers and participants to get as much know-how as possible.’

The areas focused on include both practical examples of using media tools in a classroom environment and giving examples of media influences today. Detailed and practical ideas of how media influences students will be given throughout using participating attendees' experiences. The lectures will be conducted by a series of different lecturers in order to have a variety of information and dynamism within the course.

The programme includes visits and presentations by local members of the media. The next Grundtvig/Comenius funding deadline is 30th April 2010. For further information do not hesitate to contact Ms Kerry Freeman on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Radio Interview on RTK

RTKOn 11th March Cedric Farrugia was invited to discuss projects related to digitisation of culture and the work being carried out in this field by AcrossLimits during RTK’s radio programme related to EU affairs, L-Unjoni Ewropea u Int (The European Union and You).

Cedric briefly explained the three main projects in this area, ie Europeana, EuropeanaLocal and I am Your Guide, together with the work being carried out by AcrossLimits in these projects.

The listeners were invited to contact AcrossLimits if they required further detailed information or wanted to contribute content to Europeana.

The aspect of training in digitisation was covered during the show whilst discussing I am Your Guide. Listeners were invited to participate in training courses that are being organised as part of the project.