Acrosslimits - April 2010 - Rising from the ashes
Good day fellow phoenixes,
Fellow PhoenixesI guess like us, most of you were somehow hit by the whole volcanic ash air traffic block. It did give Europe a nice little shake up, and from here I would like to pass on a big hug to all of you who were stranded and to all Icelanders ... we still love you! We talk a bit about it in this newsletter .. how it hit Acrosslimits and some funny anecdotes, as we tried to keep the air light (and free from ashes!) whilst we were all glued to the news and airport websites.

We've also been keeping busy in the meantime - we had our Puglia consultant over to Malta for a month of hectic planning, we are working even more on our digital culture projects, and we're successfully closing IS-POWER - one of our projects related to electricity and power grid issues in islands.

Take care all of you, and feel free to send in your own (non-)travelling experiences - we love hearing from you!
The Ash Experience
The piece of news of the month must have been the Icelandic volcanic eruptions. Everyone, in a way or another, must have heard, read or seen the news recounting the standstill caused by the ashes produced by the volcano up north. The ash cloud has became the talk of the month even game programmers followed swiftly and online games inspired by the incident have been produced. Even here in Malta, deep down in the south of the European Union has been effected. In this regard we took the opportunity to see how the staff here at AcrossLimits had to adapt to the situation.
Kerry Freeman
Maryrose Francica 
Maryrose Francica
Annalise Duca
Annalise Duca
Angele Giuliano
Angele Guiliano
Jacqueline Bugeja
Jacqueline Bugeja
Cedric Farrugia
Cedric Farrugia
We first spoke to Kerry, who got stuck with Maryrose in Norway. ‘Away from home, not knowing when we will be coming back was quite a desperate situation,’ declared Kerry.
‘I felt helpless and as hours and days passed I felt more frustrated. The relief I felt when they informed us that the airspace is opening and soon will be back home was indescribable. Well another experience for the diary.’
‘It was a real adventure! We spent 6 extra days trapped in northern Norway. We had to take an 18 hour train journey to reach Oslo from where we could hopefully catch a flight back to sunny Malta,’ told us Maryrose, ‘We arrived in Oslo on Monday at 6am tired and bedraggled and aching to go back home. We stayed in a hotel close to the airport and rebooked our flights everyday until at last we were told on Wednesday morning that the flights will be operating and we were leaving for home. It was six days of worry, uncertainty and tears.’
Annalise: I was on one of the sunny spanish islands' - Gran Canaria for the closing project IS-Power partners meeting. It was thursday morning, where my fellow collegue Kerry, smsed me to check if I was effected. It was still too early for me and didn't know what has happened at the other side of the world. Being the youngest of them all, I took it the most lightly and thought it would all pass by our time to fly back, after verifying that my flight for Saturday back to Malta was not cancelled...I wished that I would have been stuck in the lovely Gran Canaria with my bikinis to sun bath and an open VISA to shop till I drop :)'
Angele, got stuck in Malta and had to cancel flights to Belgium and France, ‘Whilst orchestrating how the girls could get back from Norway ... I kept a lifeline open to all course participants who could not leave their home countries to come to the e-learning course that was on during that week.’
‘My cutest anecdote includes Daniel (my 7-year old boy) ... who kept watching the news with me, and imagining his mum flying in an airplane over the volcano! He finally understood (and calmed down) that Iceland is very very far away from Malta, tho then starting worrying about the polar bears (with a name like Iceland .. who else would live there?) as their ice was being all melted away! :-)’ told us our Director.
Jacqueline told us, ‘I don't really take any notice of the news so I was quite shocked when they told me that Kerry and Maryrose were stranded in Norway due to volcanic ash coming from Iceland.’ She continued, ‘I then logged on to a news website and was continuously clicking the "refresh" button. I felt quite desperate as the list of closed airports began to increase.’
‘It really made my day when they told me that a flight would probably operate on Wednesday. When Wednesday came I logged into the Oslo airport website and was glad to see that it had not been cancelled. I felt so relieved when later in the evening I saw that the flight had actually left Oslo’ concluded Jacqueline.
Cedric: Of course it was quite worrying having the girls stranded in Norway. Well the office was quieter :) Joking apart we were concerned for all the girls during those days and we shared the tasks amongst us.’ ‘The ashes also effected me due to the fact that the football schedule in Malta changed 3 times since an international match was pending due to the crisis.’

Gran CanariaWhile Kerry and Maryrose were stuck in the Nordic cold, Annalise was enjoying the picturesque scenery of Gran Cannaria. She together with two Maltese experts; Mr. Alan Cassar and Ms. Anne Marie Grech, were participating in a meeting related to IS-Power. During the two day meeting, discussions about the achievements made by the project were discussed.

IS-POWER project suggests developing technical and regulatory frameworks to improve the performance of Isolated Power Systems while at the same time enable the integration of renewable energies.

Preparation has commenced in regard of the workshop that will be held in Brussels, Belgium in the near future. Project deliverables were discussed amongst the experts during the meeting.

Meetings are being held with various entities to aggregate further content and promote the project amongst locals. Following the radio interview Cedric met various organizations and other local entities to start collaboration with them.

Meetings with the Malta Aviation Museum Foundation and Valletta Local Council turned out to be very fruitful. Collaboration and aggregation of content with both entities will commence shortly.

Europeana LocalOn a more technical aspect the programmers are testing the tools they created to start the aggregation from the websites. Any organization, local and regional entities or private including individuals that are interested to learn more on the project or would like to contribute may contact Cedric Farrugia on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on phone: 2122490.

Guiseppina Nardo'Our Puglia's consultant Giuseppina Nardò is in Malta once again. We asked her what is being done in Puglia and what are the future project for AL there. ‘Together with Angele we have planned the stategic communication and the Acrosslimits' best actions fields in Puglia for the next 6 months.’

In the past year Dott.ssa Nardo has been working in setting up a network with Public Administrations and Private Companies in Puglia, ‘AcrossLimits aims to become the reference subject to give the EU project management consultation to the local Public Entities (as Province or Comuni) to improve their role and visibility on the european context’ said Giuseppina.

Together with Giuseppina, Dott. Michele Tedesco visited Malta. Michele is an art historian and an expert in restoration. He is looking to establish a network to share best practices and work experiences between Puglia and Malta.

‘With my network of organizations and individuals involved in the artistic and cultural scene I am looking forward to establish connections with Maltese organisations to work together in projects related to the mentioned themes’ commented Michele. Anyone that would like to get in touch with our representation in Puglia may do so by contacting Dott.ssa Giuseppina Nardo via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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