Acrosslimits - July 2010 - No rest (yet) for the wicked!
Dear friends,
Summer's definitely here... and with rising temperatures and more tourists invading our little island of Malta, you would be forgiven for thinking that here at AcrossLimits we've spent a relaxing month sunning ourselves at the beach under the palm trees. Not so, I'm afraid, as you will be able to read in this month's little epistle from us. We kept working on projects, travelling and hosting partners' meeting, all made possible thanks to that lovely invention that is the only life saver in these months ... air-conditioning! :)

Next month in August we will 'try' to take life a bit slower and in fact our offices will be completely closed for our summer shutdown between the 16th to the 20th (both days inclusive) and then we will have skeleton staff during the rest of the month... and yes, that does mean that I will also switch off my Blackberry (everybody's cheering in the office!!) so if you have something important to tell us, do so now, or for a month, hold your peace!

Wishing all of you a good rest, and speak to you in September.

Improving Diversity Training for SME's (IDTS)
IDTS - Malta Partners MeetingThe topic of immigrant integration in the workforce was discussed during a two day workshop as part of the Improving Diversity Training for SMEs project.

IDTSThe event was held on the 5th and 6th July. The programme included various visits including one to the Marsa Open Centre, a facility that hosts migrants with freedom of movement status.

Moreover, presentations by experts and personal experiences by foreigners working in Malta were shared with the event participants.

Improving Diversity Training for SMEs (IDTS) is an EU Leonardo da Vinci funded Partnership Project which brings together seven organisation from six EU member states (UK, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Romania and Malta).

New Training Room - Better Service
New Training Room - Better Service
Anybody visiting our office in the last few weeks may have noticed a bit of more chaos then usual. This is due to the redecoration ‘project’ at our premises in Hamrun.

The project includes the transformation of one of the rooms in a new training room. This will provide a better space to hold hands-on technical workshops and deliver courses on site. Moreover, the room has been furnished with the latest audio and visual equipment, including an interactive whiteboard.

‘The new room will provide a better environment that will help us to deliver better training’ declared Angele Giuliano.

If you would like to get further information about the courses provided by AcrossLimits visit

Welcome to Colin Cachia
Welcome to Colin CachiaA new member of staff joined AcrossLimits. Our new colleague is Colin Cachia, he will be graduating in BSc Business and Computing later on this year.

He is working on projects related to digitization of culture. Colin, ‘here at AcrossLimits reigns a very friendly and warm atmosphere. I felt at ease with my new colleagues and their experience helps me to learn the ropes in a working environment.’

Colin’s passion is football and he is still happy about Inter Milan’s achievements.

We would like to welcome Colin to our family at AcrossLimits.

EuropeanaLocal - Partners' Meeting in Madrid
EuropeanaLocalIn July the EuropeanaLocal partners met in Madrid for a technical workshop. During the meeting the partners gave their feedback on what has been the progress in their respective countries/regions.

Lizzy Komen, from Europeana, gave a presentation about the functionality of the Rhine and Danube release which will be held later on this year. Moreover, a presentation on content enrichment and tools that one may use in order to apply this was given.

Annalise and Jonathan, from AcrossLimits, presented the new tool that will facilitate the uploading of content to Europeana. The tool was received with very positive feedback.

Gateway Centre, Kappillan Mifsud Street Hamrun