Acrosslimits - November 2010
Dear fellow ladies (but also gentlemen),

My thoughts turn to you this month as we all sort of go into a panic feeling Christmas closing in on us and we have still no clue of how to get into that slinky zip-up dress that we bought for the staff parties that will soon hit our diaries. :-) Never doubt ... the AcrossLimits' gang are here to help!

Our office's favourite diet help is alienation and sheer volume of work ... because if we're too occupied typing out reports, proposals and work-related documents, then our hands cannot stray over and pick up that chocolate truffle or rustle into that bag of crisps. However we do have one thing against us, and that's the events and travel that we all attend in order to network, and for those of you that have ever attended an AL 'do', then you know that we really splash out in style, food, drinks and all!

This month we recount some project meetings that we've attended in the Netherlands and Romania, and the launch of our digital library that was held in Gozo earlier in November. We also mention again that it's time for you all in Europe to book your places at our training courses in 2011 and come meet us in person if you've never done so. We'll take good care of you, and we'll break our diets together! :-)

Take care and speak soon!


Europeana Open Culture
Europeana held its annual plenary meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in October. Over 300 delegates met to discuss the way forward for the largest European digital library. The event was held over 3 days, with the first day and the matinee of the second day dedicated to pre conference internal meetings.
Cedric represented AcrossLimits and their newly launched aggregator Expo at the event Cedric beleives that participating in such large events is important since it gives the possibility to network and learn the latest innovations in the digital libraries sector.’
Representatives from Google and Wikipedia gave presentations and delivered case studies on their services.
Download the presentations here.
More Training in Malta
Training in MaltaThe new calendar for the In-service training courses provided by AcrossLimits is out. Once more we are happy to have several courses amongst which the ever popular ‘E-Learning for Teachers’ but also ‘Media and Democracy’ and ‘Teaching Entrepreneurship’ (provided by our colleagues of the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs). Our courses run every month and attract a variety of people involved in education, training and also local authorities and NGOs from all over Europe. Comenius and Grundtvig grants can be obtained that cover all the course and accommodation fees. Visit and choose a course before the next deadline run out.

For further information and assistance just send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IDTS - Bucharest Meeting
IDTS - Improving Diversity Training for SMEsAcrossLimits took part in the Improving Diversity Training for SMEs (IDTS) project meeting held in Bucharest, Romania.
The participants attended various talks and discussions by stakeholders working in Romania. Moreover, visits to JRS – Bucharest and ARCA Bucharest organisations, that work directly with migrants, were included in the programme.
The IDTS project is an EU co-funded project under the LLP Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships. The IDTS partnership has set itself a clear and simple aim: to identify, document and disseminate best practice on diversity training in the workplace. Specifically, the partnership will seek to uncover and examine diversity training aimed at SMEs, to help employers tackle issues that will make them better placed to hire and train immigrants as a useful part of their workforce.
The project consortium brings together seven organisation from six EU member states. The countries represented are – the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Romania and Malta. Should you require further information on the project you can contact Cedric on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Expo - The Maltese Digital Library
Expo - The Maltese Digital LibraryExpo – the Maltese Digital Library was launched online in beta version on The aim of the new portal is to provide a window on Maltese culture, tradition and social trends in a digital format. The launch was followed by two information sessions.
Minister for Gozo, The Hon. Giovanna Debono, was present at the Information session  held in Gozo on the 3rd November. She said, ‘(Expo) this digital library will not only serve as a tool for sharing and exchanging experience and information, it will also increase cultural knowledge in Malta and expose Maltese and Gozitan culture to the world.’ Minister Giovanna Debono with Ms. Angele Giuliano
Various contributors have already committed themselves to the project. Local Councils, authors, photographers as well as collectors have shared their cultural treasures.
The user friendly website provides a space where users may contribute resources in a variety of formats (text, audio, video and images) and enter the possibility to win one of the three prizes linked to the launch – an SLR Camera, flight tickets and an MP3 Player.
Expo aims at becoming Malta’s number one cultural resource site and to achieve this goal a call is being made to the general public to contribute material. We want to portray our culture and our society by sharing pictures, videos or any other material such as books or even audio recordings, including music.
We also invite people to contact us if they have anything that they deem interesting and would like to have it in a digitised format. We are at the moment offering a digitisation process for cultural objects and artifacts free of charge.
Another information session was held on the 6th November in Valletta, Malta. During both events the public was invited to experience and learn how to use Expo – the Maltese digital library.
While we invite you to visit the site – should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Expo is an official contributor to Europeana, the European digital library. AcrossLimits are the local aggregators for EuropeanaLocal, and owners of Expo – the Maltese digital library – do visit us on
Gateway Centre, Kappillan Mifsud Street Hamrun