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...and the Winner is...

Dear friends from near and far,

February and March seem to have been fraught with conflicts and a general global warming (referring to hot heads though instead of temperatures). We would like however to set everyone's mind at rest that in Malta, we're going on with business as usual, and whilst our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbouring countries on the North African coast, everything's fine on the home front - 

and we're proud to once more have risen to the challenge as a small island with a big heart to help out where we could.

We are announcing the winners of the much awaited and Facebook-liked competition on digital content uploaded to our - we have now over 50,000 items online and still counting! Well done to all of you who sent in their data - we're all winners as we've all put in something special about Malta that will be seen by thousands of Europeans.

New projects are starting, and old projects are ending, so read about them in our articles and remember that if you want to come and experience first hand our hospitality, now's the time to act and apply for training grants.

Take care and stay safe wherever you are,


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Training Malta - Next deadline soon!

Just a reminder regarding our popular in-service training courses dealing with eLearning for Teachers and Media as a tool for Democracy. The next deadline is the 29th April, for courses starting on or after 1st September 2011, so you will need to get your applications in prior to this date.

Remember that Comenius and Grundtvig grants can be obtained that cover all the course and accommodation fees. Visit and choose a course before the next deadline or send Ms. Kerry Freeman an email with any queries on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we look forward to hosting you!

Final EuropeanaLocal Conference in Berlin

The CIP Network Project EuropeanaLocal has held a final conference in Berlin at the beginning of February. AcrossLimits, represented by Angele, was very proud to continue being the Maltese aggregator of digital content within this project, and has now even committed to keeping its Expo library online even after project end this coming May. Images, audio, video and pdf files that are uploaded onto Expo are soon starting to be automatically uploaded into Europeana - the largest EU digital content library.

We would like to officially thank MDR Partners (UK) who have been the co-ordinators of EuropeanaLocal for these past 3 years and we do look forward to continuing working on similar projects in the future in order to keep Malta on the digital European content map.

EXPO - The Winners

March is now with us, together with the much awaited decision to announce the winners for our expo competition. There were a large number of submissions which made the competition very successful, making our decision even more difficult when it came to choosing the nicest photo! A big variety of images were available varying from eye-catching sunsets to wonderful sceneries and to underwater shots from a number of locations around the Maltese islands, proving once again the beauty that one can find in our shores. After a reasonable amount of thought, we came up with the following classification for the competition:

Joseph Zammit – Contributed images mainly from Malta, Gozo and Comino, together with images from abroad showing the different types of characters available in each location. This photo is taken from the winning collection and is taken from t'Ghammar Hill in Gozo looking at Victoria Citadel - Ta' Gelmus Hill, The Rotunda Church at Xewkija, and some visible parts of Malta all under the morning dew. Mr. Zammit is awarded with a Digital SLR Camera.

Peter Bullen – Submitted a number of images taken underwater from several locations around Malta. This image shows a shoal of bream with a colourful background comprising of summer light waves outside Comino Caves. Mr. Bullen is awarded with a €100 Ryanair voucher.

Emvin Mifsud – Sent a number of images portraying some colourful landscapes from around Malta. This image displays a sunset scene taken from Dingli Cliffs. Mr. Mifsud is awarded with an iPod Shuffle.


Kick-off Meeting - STENCIL

Kerry and Annalise headed to Bologna in January to attend the kick off meeting for our new project ‘Stencil’. Stencil is a Comenius network that includes 21 members from 9 European countries. The aim of the project is to offer Science teachers, schools, school leaders, policy makers and practitioners in science education from all over Europe a platform to encourage joint reflection. The consortium also aims to promote European co-operation offering high visibility to schools and institutions involved in Comenius and other European funded projects.

Stencil will offer all involved in science education opportunities to share experiences and learn from each other in a peer to peer approach aimed at facilitating the transfer of good practices. This project will last 3 years and is expected to reach 22,500 teachers through the web portal. For more information or if you are a school that would like to be informed of the project activities please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <span id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." src="" />