The May 2011 Newsletter AcrossLimits

Ciao Mamma!

Dear friends,

May has been a difficult month for me since two weeks ago I lost my mum, and as most of you know, she's always been there for me, behind the scenes, helping me. Whenever people asked me - "How do you do it?" referring to my mad life and thousands of commitments, I always told them "Behind every great woman, there is a great mother" :-) ... Thanks Mum ... Keep watching over us from heaven.

Work has however continued smoothly (thanks to my wonderful team at AcrossLimits) all projects and clients have been taken care of as usual. Do read about our continued work in the areas of elearning, science education and an interesting visit from a colleague at the Directorate General for Enterprise.

Thanks for being there and a big hug to all of you,


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AcrossLimits in the Enterprise Experience Programme

Dr Sven Schade, from the Support for Industrial Innovation Unit of DG Enterprise of the European Commission, was with us for 5 days in mid April as part of the Enterprise Experience Programme. This is a wonderful idea that allows Commission personnel to visit a real SME in any Member state and spend time with them in order to see the reality of running a small business.

We enjoyed having Dr Schade with us, and got him to attend some meetings with Angele and also part of the elearning training that was happening on the same week. Bi-lateral meetings were set up also with several SME-related entities, like for example with Kooperattivi Malta (see photo), Malta Enterprise and the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs.

AcrossLimits is proud to have been chosen and looks forward to more similar visits in the future, that might help to bridge the gap between the policy makers in Brussels and the local Maltese business community.

What's up Doc? Calling all Maltese Science teachers!

Annalise and Kerry are currently working on an exciting project called STENCIL that aims to network science educators around Europe. They are preparing a best practice list of science initiatives taken by teachers of all related disciplines (Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing and Technical subjects) in order to enter them in a top-secret school competition. If you want to get on the list please email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stay toon-ed! ... More information (and an idea of the prizes) in the coming months.

Establish in Amsterdam

A bi-lateral working meeting was set up between AcrossLimits and the Centre for Microcomputer Applications (CMA) in order to start producing the first online modules of the teaching materials that are being developed in the Establish project. Annalise and the Dutch partners worked hard in order to create the first example that will be then translated and localised in all the 11 languages of the project. Establish focuses on using the Inquiry Based Science Education methodology as a practice for teaching science in schools and as one of its main deliverables will be creating a platform with IBSE materials for teachers.

The next transnational Establish partner meeting will be held in a month's time in Umea in Sweden. More information on the project website -

Training Malta - New Courses

Dont forget to check out our Training Malta calendar which has been updated with dates for 2012. You will find that we have added a new Course 'eLearning for Teachers (Advanced)', so hopefully friends we have made over the last few years could come and visit us again by taking this new course. So check out now.

Dates for Creating eLearning Courses - Basic 2012

16th January - 20th January
12th March - 16th March
14th May - 18th May

Dates for Creating eLearning Courses - Advanced 2012

13th February - 17th February
16th April - 20th April
11th June - 15th June <span id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." src="" />