The Perfect 10!

Dear friends,

For those of you that know me, you must have guessed I'm NOT talking about my dress size! :-)... You see, this month, June, is the 10th year birthday of AcrossLimits, so finally the baby company that was so cute in 2001 is now an independent kid that's knows its own mind and although sometimes capricious, is starting to mature!

Thanks to all of you that made this possible - business partners, employees past and present, suppliers and of course clients! We literally would not be here without you!

My original ideal of doing a big bash has been shelved for a while ... as you can guess I was not so much in a party mode recently (and thanks to the avalanche of emails after the last newsletter!), however do not despair... we'll find the right time to celebrate together some day soon!

This months' articles talk about our life long learning project STAR (training in dementia care), a visit of 10 Maltese teachers to Dublin thanks to ESTABLISH and a little anecdote from our AL travel diary. We also congratulate one of our past participants in our eLearning courses as he won a prize based on his experience with us in Malta.

Wishing you all a great start to summer!

Take care,

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ESTABLISH - IBSE Training in Dublin

As part of the ESTABLISH Project (FP7 SiS-2009-, ten Maltese science teachers had the opportunity to join twenty Irish teachers to attend a three day intensive course on IBSE (Inquiry Based Science Education) at Dublin City University. During the course which was conducted by Dr. Eilish McLoughlin and Dr. Odilla Finlayson, the teachers had a chance to do scientific experiments in an inquiry based way.

Maryrose Francica, who coordinated the Maltese delegation, explained that the Maltese teachers fully participated in all the activities, networked with the Irish teachers and shared best practices. In the evenings, after the training the Maltese teachers had a chance to savour the great Irish hospitality.

STAR (and lunar eclipse) in Florence

Angele Giuliano attended the second meeting of the STAR project that was held in Florence in mid June. In a funny coincidental way, whilst the partners were discussing how best to develop elearning materials in order to teach formal and informal carers of persons who suffer from dementia, the real stars were making a backdrop to the longest lunar eclipse in this decade. This must have brought good fortune to the group since a lot was achieved in 2 days - including plans for a large European event to be held in May 2012 in Staffordshire (more about this in the coming months). In the meantime if you have a personal or professional interest in caring feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

eLearning alumni wins teacher competition in Poland.

It is a great pleasure to inform you that Mr Dariusz Markiewicz was honoured by special award in competition for beneficients of individual mobilities by his National Agency. As a participant of our in-service trainings Media and Education as Tools Towards Democracy and Creating e-learning courses - Hands-on tools and Practical tips a teacher from Poland described the influence of new knowledge and skills on the teaching process in his school.

All new technology useful for education promoted by AcrossLimits were implemented with great success in a Polish school where it is a standard now that students are creating web-based action mazes about books’ plots and checking their knowledge using interactive quizzes and other Web 2.0 tools. Students from Poland started preparing professional trailers in video editing software too and social networks became a standard in communication with their colleagues from partner schools in Europe.

It is a great success for me – said Dariusz Markiewicz – because the Minister of Education and Minister of Science and Higher Education were the patrons of the competition and lots of very good and very active teachers from all Poland sent their applications hoping to win.

If you also want to come to one of our courses like Dariusz has done, please visit

Almost Ashcloud!

Kerry sort of did it again! She has just avoided being stranded once more by the friendly Icelandic volcano ash that is becoming a staple attraction (coming soon to an airport next to you). She was on the way for the final meeting of the IDTS Leonardo Partnerships project that was being held in Denmark, when we got to know that Danish airspace was closed and that she might be therefore stuck in transit in Germany. Thankfully to our great project partners, the project meeting still went ahead with those that managed to make it, and we're therefore in the concluding phase of our common work that has taught us a lot about Diversity Training and integration of migrant workers into SMEs. To learn more about our results and public documents please visit <span id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." src="" />