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Ah ... Autumn is here, schools have started, leaves are falling down, and planes are taking off! Yes, it seems that at any point in time there are half a million people in the air, and you can bet your best pair of socks that someone from AcrossLimits will be with them! :-)

We seem to have gone out of summer with a bang, with lots of our new and running projects having meetings, workshops and also conferences, and there's still more to come in the next month or so. It's all a blur of airports, trains and hotels.

Read up on our travels, but in the meantime don't forget to book our calendar for 2012. We'll send it to you anywhere in the world completely free of charge, so that you will have 12 months of looking at beautiful Maltese landscapes (and not to mention some of our wonderful employees too!). So go now to and click on "Request our calendar" now.

... and off I go back home to pack my suitcase for the umpteenth time!

Hasta la vista darlings!


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Ron Brown Alumni Conference in Croatia

Angele was invited as a guest speaker to the Ron Brown Alumni Regional Conference which hosted 68 alumni from 9 countries between 7th and 9th October in the beautiful Croatian seaside resort of Opatija. This was the first time that Angele came in contact with this vibrant group that hails mostly from ex-Jugoslavia countries and who all were awarded scholarships in the past to go and further their studies in the United States. The conference, which was organized for the 4th time by the alumni themselves, and this year jointly by the Croatians and Slovenians, was very successful and Angele's talk went down well. She focused on a non-nonsense description of where one can find opportunities within Europe, for creating innovative projects that could help in the development of both businesses and NGOs and in turn give a boost also to the local economies.

Angele commented: "I've been welcomed with open arms by this association and I've learnt a lot about the Balkans in a few days. AcrossLimits will surely keep this in mind for future projects and will look forward to collaborate even more with RBAN". Further information on

European Cultural Commons Conference Warsaw, Poland 12th October 2011

After a whole day of travelling, Colin finally made it to a quite chilly Warsaw, following a connection flight from Munich. The event kicked-off with a pre-conference dinner in a restaurant situated in the centre of chilly Warsaw where I still managed to get lost, despite having the benefits of a GPS! At least it served as a self-organised mini tour around this wonderful city, which surely has a lot to offer. Dinner was based on traditional Polish food, which everyone enjoyed.

The conference started the following day, which mainly debated about the importance of Cultural Commons on a European scale. The main aim was that of delivering an acceptable and common vision on the distribution of digitised cultural content in public domains whilst satisfying the needs of all stakeholders in the eco-system.

A number of workshops were held in the afternoon, where attendees were asked to agree on some common issues that all participants encountered in Europeana’s perspective, while proposing a number of remedies that can overcome these issues. The workshop which Colin attended focused on the barriers and opportunities that open data and content licensing present, whilst analysing in detail their impact on Europeana. The other workshops were themed around the evaluation of online success and the assurance of digital resource sustainability model. The conference was then closed off by the Europeana Executive Director, Ms. Jill Cousins, who published the final results from each of the three workshops.

Michelangelo Kickoff in Milan

Angele Giuliano and Maryrose Francica represented Acrosslimits at the Kick off Meeting, in Milan, Italy of the company’s latest project – MICHELANGELO - "Patient-centric model for remote management, treatment and rehabilitation of autistic children”, a collaborative project funded under the Seventh Framework programme.

The duration of this project is of three years. This project is coordinated by FIMI S.r.l and includes eight partners hailing from Italy, France, United Kingdom and Malta. The MICHELANGELO project intends to bring the assessment and the therapy of the autism out of the clinical environment and develop a patient-centric home-based intervention requiring a minimal human involvement and therefore extremely cost effective.

Acrosslimits are in charge of Work Package no. 8 – ‘Dissemination, Exploitation, Standardization, Ethical issues’. Our role would be to generate awareness at all the levels by involving all the stakeholders and to foster the cooperation of all of them for a synergic effort towards the achievement of the ultimate and common goals of a better quality of care and a better quality of life for the autistic children and their parents.

EU Day of languages

Maryrose represented Acrosslimits in Brussels on the occasion of the "EU Day of Languages” which was held on Monday 26th September 2011 in Brussels.

Mr. Jan Truszczyński - Director General Directorate General Education and Culture open the conference and  spoke about  a multilingual policy for the EU, followed by an interesting speech from  Ms. Belen Bernaldo de Quiros - Head of Unit Multilingualism policy - Directorate General Education and Culture.

The event continued with Ms. Gillian McLaughlin, Head of Sector Lifelong Learning Coordination - The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency moderating a very lively round table on the subject of the 10 Years of Achievements in Language Learning.

The second part of the event consisted of parallel workshops on various themes. Maryrose opted to attend to the workshop entitled “Languages for Business & Employability” moderated by Ms. Kristina Cunningham.

“Apart from the very interesting interventions during the event itself, it was a great opportunity to network with other coordinators of Lingua projects and exchanging business cards to brainstorm with them for future collaboration on new proposals” stated Maryrose on arriving back from this event. <span id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." src="" />