Balls in the Air

Dear friends,

March is always a crazy month, but really and truly the madness has propagated even to adjacent months now (or maybe it's just us!) so apologies for not having been in touch lately, but fear not, the AcrossLimits gang is still alive and kicking.

In fact we have kicked off a couple of new projects (in very diverse areas - autism in children and mobile language learning) and kept working on the others, keeping all balls in the air and cooking up new ones on the side too!

We are therefore once more putting on our thinking caps (ours are red, fluffy and stylish .. think Father Christmas meets Audrey Hepburn), flexing our fingers, and reaching for our warm laptops. We're working together with several partners from all over Europe and even further away, and we're always happy to hear from you about new innovations and inventions in areas related to the intersection of technology with education, culture or health.

Read all about our latest here in this newsletter, and remember that you can always come to Malta for a week thanks to our Grundtvig/Comenius training courses.

Until we meet again, take care!


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ENDKIST - Digital Story Telling

Annalise and Colin represented AcrossLimits at a kick-off meeting that was held in November, in the lovely city of Rome, for one of the company’s latest projects, ENKDIST (European Network for Knowledge diffusion of Digital StoryTelling), which is funded under Key Action 3 of the EU Program for Lifelong Learning (LLP). This network plans to build on innovative practices of Digital Storytelling as a tool to be used in any context of learning and training.

The duration of this project is 3 years, while the main activities will include the running of Roadshows and Workshops aimed at testing and developing the use of technology in Digital Storytelling in a number of different learning sectors.

It must be mentioned that Annalise immediately felt fascinated by the place, especially Piazza del Popolo, Villa Borghese and, obviously the Fontana della Barcaccia with its surrounding shops in Piazza di Spagna.

Europeana Awareness - The Hague

Colin Cachia and Annalise Duca headed off to The Hague, Netherlands, in order to attend the kick-off meeting of the new project, Europeana Awarenes. This project is being led by the Europeana Foundation. This new project is mainly aimed of further exposing Europeana to users, policy makers, politicians and cultural heritage makers in European member states in order to encourage the use of its content while raising awareness of our very own cultural heritage and promoting it as an economic driver.

The project’s main focus-areas will be on public libraries, local archival groups, broadcast organisations and open culture re-users. These sectors were identified as currently being under-exploited by Europeana. The main channels that are planned to be used to reach these focus areas include the creation of new partnerships, promotion through recreation and hobbies, research, learning and tourism.

STENCIL - The Science Network

During the cold weather of November, Kerry Freeman and Annalise Duca, travelled to Nancy, France, for the 1st International conference where two important outputs of the project have been presented. The STENCIL Annual Report, which is the first output of this project, includes the results of current science education policies and trends. A copy of this report can be downloaded here.

STENCIL has also launched an annual Call for Participants to schools, who have carried out the successful transfer of good practice amongst those highlighted in the Annual Report. Winners can choose between a Science kit  or materials to be used for science education activities at their school; or a grant covering travel and subsistence cost to participate in the 2nd STENCIL international conference in Kassel, Germany. The call is open and will close on 1st June 2012. View more detailed information about this call online.

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STAR - Training for Dementia Carers

Last November Angele attended another STAR project meeting in Belfast that focused on elearning content production. All the project partners are now working hard in order to launch the first few modules online as soon as possible, and a preview was recently given at a workshop within the ADI conference in London. This was held on 8th March and thanks go to our project partners from the Netherlands (Henriette and Rose-Marie) and Sweden (Johan) who made a presentation to a small but interested audience.

We will be holding stakeholders meetings soon here in Malta, in order to have some real feedback from the ground up on these courses, and then the official launch will be on the 25th May in Stafford for the European Stakeholder event. Further information and free registration on our website

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Lango - New Project!

January saw the start of another great educational project called LANGO - Language on the Go! Maryrose and Angele went to Bulgaria (together with little Daniel) in order to kick off this project and they were really impressed by Diana Tsotova and all her team in Sofia, who were the perfect hosts. The project focuses on teaching a second language through simple applications that can be installed on a mobile phone, and also fun games on Facebook.

The partners, (from Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and of course Malta), will be working on the definition of the methodology in these first months and they will then start building an initial version of the vocabulary and mini lessons that will be published each day on the users' smartfones. The next meeting is planned in Malta at the end of June.

ESTABLISH - IBSE Science Teaching

Annalise and Maryrose attended the 5th ESTABLISH partner meeting that took place in Limassol, Cyprus on Tuesday 21st February & Wednesday 22nd February 2012. The meeting started with a welcome talk from the Cypriot hosts and an overview of the updates of the project to date. A discussion ensued on all work packages with breakout sessions and conclusions by the rapporteurs. The first day ended at 18:00hrs with a brief break after which the participants met again at the hotel restaurant for dinner, a well deserved respite after the full packed day.

On the second day the participants continued to discuss the work packages. After a light lunch, they visited the Kourion archaeological site, noted for its magnificent Greco - Roman Theatre, and then returned to the hotel in time for the Steering Committee Meeting. The participants were later treated to a traditional meze at a Cypriot tavern.

Visit for more information about the project.

Michelangelo - Autism

In October Maryrose and Angele attended the kickoff meeting of the Michelangelo project in Milan, whereby this FP7 project, dealing with research on autism in children, was formally started. The partners, mostly research organisations coming from Italy, the UK, France and of course ourselves, Malta, worked for two days in order to share a common vision about the project. The project will focus on creating a solution that will be similar to a wearable cap that young children (5 to 7 year old) would wear whilst they are at home playing. This would enable the monitoring of brain activity and thus help understand better the triggers that would work best with that particular child. This information will assist the medical experts in defining personalised effective treatment for that child.

The first part of this three year project will focus on looking at the requirements from a technical but also from a user perspective, and AcrossLimits will  therefore also be listening to the needs of parents' associations and other stakeholders. If you are interested, or would like to learn more, visit and fill in our contact form.

Training Deadline

As always, you can visit the beautiful island of Malta, while applying for one of our training courses. Visit to see the full list and dates available. You can get full refunds of the course and travelling with a Gruntvig / Comenius grant, you simply have to apply through your national agency! Deadline for next applications closes on 30th April 2012. For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <span id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." src="" />