Here comes the heat again!

Dear all,

Whilst some of you are still enjoying freshness and rain in your countries, here in Malta it's been heating up! Summer is indeed with us already and we are all too glad for the airconditioning units in our offices, houses and cars.

In this issues read about our call for action on the Internet of Things (let's get those aircons talking and thinking!), storytelling adventures in Wales, participation in a Europeana hackathon in Leuven and much more. 

So whilst fanning ourselves and huffing and puffing the AcrossLimits team has anyhow managed to step on the accelerator and give our projects a big push forward, before everything goes into the wonderful holiday lull of summer. Do note that we will be on half days on Wednesdays and Fridays for the next 2 months.

Wishing you all a great holiday break! Do try to relax! :)

Take care!


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OpenIoT - Help us develop the Internet of Things!

If you're an SME in Europe (and even beyond) - have you every heard of the Internet of Things? This means that instead of just people that are connected to the 'Net', we can start joining appliances, machines, sensors and everything that can send or receive information, together. Imagine the possibilities that this creates, even for small companies like ours, and even for our cities and the environment around us!

Sounds almost science fiction? Thankfully it's not, and our new project OpenIoT aims to create an open-source platform to help SMEs connect to the world or vice-versa. The (connected) truth is out there! So help us by filling in this quick online survey. Choose this if you are in the ICT sector, and if you are an SME in other sectors, please click here.

Our role in this project is to talk to SMEs and represent your views to the academic / technical partners. In fact, Johan and Angele participated in the Future Internet Assembly Week held in Aalborg, Denmark this May, and they were excited to learn how much is already being done across all sectors. More info on the project at

ENDKIST - RoadShow in Wales

Kerry travelled to (cold, wet, windy) Cardiff to attend the first DS7 (Digitial Storytelling Roadshow) with the Enkdist project . DS7 presented a jam-packed day of inspirational speakers, sessions on a wide range of topics within the field of digital storytelling, and offered a superb opportunity to network with the digital storytelling community in Wales, the UK, Europe and beyond. Kerry also had the opportunity to meet Joe Lambert, an expert in Digital Storytelling. The sense of humour Joe used to portray his advice and expertise on Digital Storytelling was an inspiration to all the Enkdist team. Whilst there Kerry had the opportunity to attend a live Jamming session, where people were able to relay their digital story live.

STENCIL goes to Madeira, Portugal

3 planes, 3 airports. That's what it took for Kerry and Annalise to arrive in the beautiful island of Madiera. Between the 28th - 30th May all the STENCIL partners met for the 4th Partners Meeting. During the meeting an update of all the work packages took place and STENCIL partners had the opportunity to participate in STENCIL Workshops. Presentations were given by the Porto Moniz Science Center, Madeira Whale Museum, Clube Foquetão, SPAR - Robotics and Automation Projects Space and the MadRobô.

During the 2nd day all the partners visited the Museum "Casa da Luz" where a presentation was given on the history of electricity on the island and how Portuguese students learn from such visits. Later on everyone was taken to the Botanical Gardens to see the wonderful landscape, the natural history museum and the parrot park.

In the meantime, we would like to encourage all Science Teachers in Malta and around Europe to search and submit their initiatives online on You will be able to see what others are doing and implement these in your lessons to make science more fun. Like us also on FaceBook.

STAR European Workshop in Staffordshire

25th May was a bright sunny day for our STAR project as this was when the European Stakeholder workshop at the TV Centre of Staffordshire University, and which was broadcasted live on the Internet was held. We had a full house and some excellent speakers - the most distinguished one being Prof Tom Arie - known to all as the father of old-age psychiatry - who told us that the most important thing for carers is to smile to the elderly.

Angele together with the members of the STAR consortium presented the first online training module of the course for dementia carers that will be open for piloting and testing later on this autumn. The audience participated fully in the debate about dementia care in Europe. A full recording of the workshop can be seen online.

If you want to be part of the pilot to test out our training modules, please contact us via our website

Europeana Awareness Hackathon, Leuven

The Europeana Plenary took place between Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th June in the wonderful (and very youthful!) city of Leuven in Belgium. In parallel with this event, the Europeana Foundation also organised another Hackathon – this time named Hack4Europe – in collaboration with its partners. Colin Cachia represented AcrossLimits in the Hackathon with his prototype, Tap4Europe. This involved a smartphone application which targeted location-based services in a social game which encourages users to “tap” into places and interesting locations in Leuven. Users can then learn more about the place they are currently visiting, whilst challenging their friends on the amount of different places they can discover and “tap” into around the city.

This application makes use of a technology which is currently found in the Android, Blackberry and Symbian Operating Systems. This technology is called Near Field Communication and allows smartphones, tags and other enabled receivers to transfer data between them when in close proximity. This clever idea proved to be a nightmare for Colin during the hackathon though, since it was his first time making use of the technology itself. Despite some last-minute madness to include all functionality, the application was finished and presented to the Hack4Europe attendees.

Visit for updates on the project.

Training Deadline

As always, you can visit the beautiful island of Malta, while applying for one of our training courses. Visit to see the full list and dates available. You can get full refunds of the course, travel and accommodation with a Grundtvig / Comenius grant. You simply have to apply through your national agency! Deadline for next applications is 17th September 2012. For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <span id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." src="" />