Mad October

Dear Friends,

Autumn, school and proposal deadlines have all started again now that we are in October. Although it is still warm enough to go swimming in Malta, our local team is slowly losing its suntan whilst focusing more on kicking off new projects, picking up threads of existing ones and closing off reports for those that have ended.

Read about our research projects Michelangelo (innovative technologies for autism) and NewBee (retrofitting residential buildings for energy saving). We are also happy to announce the winners of the STENCIL European competition for teachers for great ways of teaching science to kids - well done to all who participated!

We are also starting to think of new project ideas for 2013, and in fact have participated in the ICT Proposers day in Warsaw last month. Feel free to come forward with your ideas - no matter how crazy they are - we just might take them on and create something together!

Have a lovely month and speak soon!


ICT Proposers’ Day in Poland Warsaw

The ICT Proposers’ Day was held in Warsaw, Poland between the 25th and 28th of September, with an attendance of  around 3,000 participants from all over Europe. Ruth attended the meeting thanks to MCST who financed the travelling and the accommodation required. There she met many potential EU project partners. B2B meetings were held in a “speed dating” setting which many took part, whilst others attended presentations and other networking events. Ruth managed to get a number of invaluable contacts with whom AcrossLimits is currently corresponding with. 

She visited beautiful Warsaw and on her way back, also managed to do an unexpected detour to Milan. So, as one can imagine, in between “speed-dates”, new friendships, and lost luggage, this was one great experience which will be remembered for months to come.

STENCIL - The Winners & New Chance to Participate

STENCIL Network is proud to announce the two project winners of the 1st STENCIL Call and to launch the 2nd Call edition 2013!

Active Science – Young people engaged In science (Italy), is an action that provides new insights to teachers and students about current problems of modern science, and aims at making the students themselves protagonists of the learning process by stimulating their curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

Math Laboratory of Protypa Peiramatika (Pilot) Schools of Herakleion (Greece), is a project that promotes innovative teaching activities and educational materials for Maths and Astronomy while highlighting the connection between Maths, Science and Art, thus helping students to cultivate a positive attitude towards these subjects.

In the meantime we would like to congratulate all those who participated and encourage new ones to take part in the 2nd Call. This Call will be open from the 1st November 2012 to the 1st June 2013. Further details are available on the STENCIL website.

Participation is easy: fill in the STENCIL online questionnaire with basic information about your project, submit a short application form, attach some photos and... let the STENCIL Network choose the best winners.

Well done to the winners & Good Luck to the new prospective applicants!


Michelangelo's Partner Meeting & Guardian Angel Talk

Maryrose and Annalise attended the third partner meeting of the Michelangelo project, that was held between the 19th and 22nd September, 2012. The meeting was held in a very beautiful setting in Lipari, one of the Aeolian Islands off Sicily. Michelangelo is a three year project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme. The project exploits ICT, and other technologies, in assessing and treating the Autistic Spectrum Disorder in children in a more “natural” home environment, where non-obtrusive techniques will be used.

In the meantime, Angele and Ruth held a talk at Guardian Angels School, in Hamrun, with teachers who work with Autistic children. After the talk the teachers gave their feedback regarding the project and the use of technology with Autistic students. This is aimed at creating a better final product.

The next partner meeting will be held in Malta in May 2013.

NewBEE kicks off in Bilbao

Barely 4 days into the contract, our new research project NewBEE has kicked off in style in Bilbao, Spain where the 17 partners that make up the consortium were hosted by Fundacion Tecnalia - the co-ordinators of the project. NewBEE focuses on creating new business and financial models for retrofitting existing residences (whether apartments, single houses or others) so as to lessen energy consumption and save costs. The partners are in fact composed of a variety of architects, turnkey constructors, building companies and ICT experts that will put their heads together and find new ways of using existing technologies and financial opportunities to help home owners save on their bills, and at the same time, lessen the impact on the environment.

AcrossLimits’ role focuses on the creation of the financial and business model, that will then be mapped on an ICT solution. We are also involved in looking at ways to disseminate and exploit the project once there are ‘concrete’ (no pun intended!) results. We will also be hosting the next general meeting in Malta in March 2013.

More Courses in Malta with Training Malta

A quick reminder that you can spend a week with us here in sunny Malta, just by booking one of our courses for 2013. Now is the opportunity to apply for one of our LLP courses (Grundtvig) and enjoy our sunshine while increasing your knowledge. Visit our website or contact Kerry on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.


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