Spring is in the air

Dear Friends,

Lambs jumping around happily in the sun-drenched meadows is what many of us visualise when we think of spring - with flowers and butterflies in the background. Looking around me in the office, I see however heads down on laptops, I hear printing of brochures and reports, and I can sense the buzz that comes from reaching tight deadlines!

AcrossLimits is in its element, and although we have not sent out our newsletter recently (sorry guys, I know you miss us!), however we have been diligently working on all our concurrent projects as you can see from the larger number of shorter articles in this issue.

We are also seriously thinking of scrapping our old website and coming up with something new (and different), and we wanted your opinion on what would you like to see in it, so answer us here, or on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/acrosslimits). No suggestion will be ignored - and the more outrageous, the better! :-)

Happy reading, and don’t forget to go somewhere to soak up the spring sun - whether with lambs in tow or not!



Past Workshops:

STAR - Carers of People with Dementia

Our project for training for carers of people with dementia has continued moving ahead, and on January 18th, AcrossLimits held a half day workshop at a local hotel in collaboration with the Malta Dementia Society. Around 20 people attended and tried out our online courses - starting with some of the basic modules that explain what dementia is, and how to deal with some of the effects and behavioural changes that it causes. The feedback we received has helped us to continue creating better content for the training pilot that will start soon in the Netherlands, UK, Sweden and Italy. More info at http://www.startraining.eu

ESTABLISH - IBSE Science Workshop

During February, AcrossLimits organised a professional development workshop for Maltese Science teachers on the methodology of Inquiry Based Science Education. This was part of our work in the FP7 Establish project and, in fact, two of the partners from Malmo, Sweden and Amsterdam, Netherlands came over to Malta to share their knowledge with Maltese teachers.

In mid-March Maryrose and Angele also attended the conference New Perspectives in Science Education in Florence, Italy where they presented a poster explaining the project, its Teacher Development Programme, and the Teaching Units that have been created. http://ibse.establish-fp7.eu

ENKDIST - Digital Story Telling Workshop

Between the 4th & 6th of March, AcrossLimits, with the rest of the ENKDIST partners, held another digital story workshop, where all participants learnt how to facilitate a snapshot workshop. Later on during the week, AcrossLimits invited people from the Maltese community to participate in this workshop. After an exhausting 5 days, we are proud to say that we have a number of new stories that you can also view on our YouTube Channel.


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Kick Off Meetings

ESSE Kick Off in Ireland

The ESSE (Early School-Leaving and Second-Chance Education) Kick-Off meeting was held in Trim, Ireland between the 29th and 30th of January 2013. ESSE seeks to reduce early school leaving amongst European Primary, Secondary and older students through the use of existing tools. The partners discussed the work that needs to be done and the development of the project. Dates for future deliverables and meetings were set and expected outcomes were also discussed.

MOBIVET 2 kicks off in Malta

The MOBIVET (2 Kick-Off meeting was held in Malta, on the 16th & 17th January. MOBIVET is a consortium from Malta, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Greece & Romania. The aim of this project is to fill the online training gap between the self-directed learners and VET trainers. So, any teachers or trainers out there, keep your eyes open, because we can help you become a skilled online mobile tutor. More information about the project will feature in the upcoming newsletters.

Important Notices

STENCIL - 2nd Call for Participants

For all the science education stakeholders, we would like to let you know that, a few weeks ago, we opened the 2nd Call for Participants. STENCIL will award 2 projects from two categories and have a chance to win some amazing prizes. For more information, please visit http://www.stencil-science.eu/call_for_participants.php. All entries are to be submitted by 1st June 2013.

OpenIoT Review & Newsletter

OpenIoT - our project that focuses on creating an open source middleware for the Internet of Things - successfully passed its first review in Brussels and has now started its second year. The partners have also issued a second newsletter with information on the status of the project, preliminary results of the SME survey that was held a few months ago and also information on the Open Source project that has just been launched online on GitHub. Read more at http://icont.ac/1xC6g

Lango Meeting in Cyprus

The third partner meeting of Lango (mobile language learning) took place in Nicosia, Cyprus between the 24th and 25th of January 2013. The partners reviewed the progress until then and discussed the way forward. Tentative dates for the piloting of the LANGO application were mentioned. We hope to be able to update you in the next few weeks on the iPhone application that is being developed, and the Facebook games that we hope you will play in order to learn Maltese, Bulgarian, Greek or Russian! Stay tuned on www.lango.eu


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