Nick Achilleopoulous


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phone: 00356 2122 4900

skype: nick.achilleopoulos


bio: Nick likes challenges. Maybe that is why he focuses on proposal writing and bid preparation whilst at the same time managing R&D projects! His background is in ICT and information society but applied to various interesting themes such as culture, education, health and finance.

He does not follow the crowd, and this is why he moved back from Germany to Greece and the Mediterranean, whilst everyone else is currently going in the other direction! He is happiest when eating souvlaki, talking (yeah, he can do both at the same time!) and explaining some intriguing concept like crypto-currencies to an audience.

Apart from working at AcrossLimits he is also a Senior Project manager at the Hellenic Open University under the Educational Content, Methodology and Technology Laboratory (e-CoMeT Lab) in Patras, Greece. Just cos he can! :)

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