project acronym: IDTS

project fullname: Improving Diversity for SMEs

lifetime: 2009 - 2010

programme: Life Long Learning - Leonardo da Vinci


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about: Improving Diversity Training for SMEs - IDTS is an EU funded programme under the Life Long Learning programme – Leonardo Partnerships- Reference No. : LLP/LdV/MT/PART/02/2009. The duration of the project is 24 months and will end in September, 2011. The coordinators of the project are the Banbridge District Enterprises Ltd, a British organisation and Acrosslimits is the Maltese partner of this project. The other partners hail from Ireland, Denmark and Romania.

The IDTS partnership has set itself a clear and simple aim: to identify, document and disseminate best practice on diversity training in the workplace. Specifically our partnership will seek to uncover and examine diversity training aimed at SMEs, to help employers tackle issues that will make them better placed to hire and train immigrants as useful part of their workforce.

As well as leading to a documentary analysis of lessons learned and strong dissemination, the project will build transnational relationships with a view to future collaborative projects, such as Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation or SME mobility projects.