EU Consultancy AcrossLimits

AcrossLimits has been working in the field of consultancy and the realization of European projects since December 2001. We give consultancy on the best approaches to be taken to submit proposals. We help in searching for partners from various European countries and collate the information required for the preparation of the proposal.

Moreover our experienced team offers clients the following services:

  • Writing the main text and description of the proposal
  • Guidance in preparing the costs statements and request for contribution
  • Reviewing the proposal together with the partners involved
  • Submitting the proposal within the deadlines specified by the Commission
  • Actively looking for partners for projects initiated by the client and also for joining other consortia
  • Providing the first contact and information about the client to the selected consortia and projects, thus saving valuable time
  • Sending out information on the client to international companies that have already participated or are interested in participating in pan-European projects.
  • Liaising on behalf of the client with local / international bodies that manage European funds in order to obtain information on how best to benefit from the schemes

Our company’s strengths focus on four main pillars:

  • The network of contacts, clients and partners all over Europe but especially in the Mediterranean (both EU and non-EU countries), Northern Europe (UK & Ireland) and Scandinavia (Sweden and Finland)
  • The AcrossLimits name with the European Commission – we have always delivered quality work, have been featured in events of DG Information Society and DG Enterprise and are seen as ambassadors for Maltese SMEs
  • The success stories within centralised European programmes (mostly FP7, LLP, CIP) that we have built internally and together with other partners
  • The committed core team of individuals that make things happen.

We are real movers and shakers who take challenges by the horns and succeed!