The world of marketing has been evolving at a fast pace, and whether you need traditional tools, or new online marketing insights, we can help you out.


Your logo, colours and name have the first impact on potential clients, whether you are giving them a business card or showing them your website. We help you create a visual identity that matches your ethos and conveys the right message. We provide you with a variety of formats so that you can use your brand on printed matter and online.

Promotional Materials

During an event, or even in special meetings, it is always good practice to give a small memento. This can be as mundane (but useful) as a pen, a USB stick or something more interesting like your own branded wine bottle. Whatever you have in mind, contact us and we can help you be remembered by the people you meet.

Social Media Marketing

In this new jungle of social media it is sometimes difficult for organisations to understand the strengths of each medium, and how they can be used to obtain the best results. Our experienced social marketing team can animate your presence, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and more. We can build chatbots to keep in contact with your visitors, or even provide our own staff to answer queries on your behalf.

Offline Marketing

The traditional 4 and 7 P’s of Marketing still apply in this day and age. Thanks to our team of experts we can help you out whether you need to create a pricing strategy or else run a PR campaign on traditional media.

Event Organisation

Malta is such a great place to hold conferences, workshops and project meetings! Our island has the best combination of culture, weather and meeting facilities at a reasonable price with great flight connections from all European countries. Our team will help you plan the event, organise all the logistics for you and promote it to ensure participation, whilst being your co-hosts so that you can also enjoy some rest in the sun!